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Online Application/Enrollment

Make your dream a reality now. Apply online now in a matter of minutes.

We have a very simple and rapid enrollment/application process. It usually takes less than 48 hours to confirm a program. When you apply, we recommend that you provide a credit card deposit of the enrollment fee USD$290, which allow us to process your application right away and assign you a personal international program coordinator to work with you. The enrollment fee is an important indication of your commitment. (If your plan changes and you are not able to participate at a later date, it is possible to delay the program.)

    (1) You can fill the online application form in a matter of minutes.

    (2) After you apply online, you should expect an email notification from us within 2 business days.

    • We may need to hold a deposit on your credit card while we make arrangements for you, but we will not charge you any fee until we get a positive response from the project managers.
    • Initial confirmation process typically takes 48 hours, but it may take longer in some cases.
    • Please note that you should send us by email the following required documents: a clear passport scan (including bio page and signature page), your resume/CV in word, and a recent picture of yourself.

    (3) Once we get a positive response from the project managers, we will be authorized to charge you any fees applicable (including program fee, enrollment fee, any applicable transaction and surcharge fees).

    • The total fee may be paid in different installment plans. You will be required to follow our payment instructions and meet our payment deadlines.
    • We will be authorized to hold a deposit on your credit card until all required payments are made. If you are not able to provide valid credit card information as a payment guarantee, all payments plus transaction costs will need to be paid in full before the program can be confirmed.
    • To ensure that the credit card provided is a valid payment guarantee, we may process a US$1 charge but this charge will be refunded.

Be Aware

We strongly recommend that potential participants go through our website (especially the Program Information pages) to develop a realistic expectation and a good understanding of what is included in our programs.

All participants will need to meet our requirements. Participants need to be cooperative, adaptable, and flexible.

In extremely rare cases, if the project you were confirmed for got cancelled later, we may either find another project for you or refund you the payment we received from you. If this is a concern for you, you may consider getting travel insurance to cover your needs.

Any transaction/banking/transfer charges are not refundable by us. For all credit card payments, there is a non-refundable 5% credit card processing fee.

In case of plan changes, enrollment fee is not refundable but it is possible to delay the program to the near future (within 1 year).

Payment Methods

Our acceptable payment methods include the following:

      1) By Credit Card (Visa)

      2) By Certified Check

      3) By Wire Transfer

      4) By Direct Deposit or Online Banking E-transfer (Recommended for Canadian/American residents)

Please note that our prices do not include transaction costs and any applicable surcharges. Participants are responsible for all transaction costs. Transaction costs include banking charges and processing charges.


  • There is an additional fee of USD$290 (enrollment fee) on top of the program fee for all the programs. This enrollment fee helps us cover mainly the fixed costs, such as program inspection, staff salary, and marketing cost.
  • Also, certain work placements and certain locations may require a surcharge since they are harder or more costly to arrange. Participants are fully responsible for all surcharges and transaction charges.
  • The transaction costs include banking charges, payment transfer and payment processing charges. The transaction costs typically have two parts. The first part of transaction costs is the transfer fee (of around $50) to help us cover costs related to distributing fees to relevant local parties. The second part of transaction costs may range from $0 to 5% depending how you decide to pay. Some payment methods are practically free, such as direct deposit and online banking money transfer. Other methods may be more costly, such as wire transfer.

For the first payment installment, we recommend credit card payment as it is fast and secure. Also, paying by credit cards gives you immediate confirmation upon approval. If you are not able to pay by credit card, you can also pay by check or by wire transfer or by direct deposit. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get the confirmation for your program until the full payment or the required deposit is received on our end.

If you are paying by check or by money order, please make it payable to Cross-Continental Solutions Inc. You can mail it or book an appointment to deliver in person.

If you are paying by wire transfer, please contact us for our account details.

Paying by online banking e-transfer, it is easy, fast, secure, and practically free for Canadian and American residents with access to online banking. It is the recommended payment method for Canadian and American residents.

Please note: For these who are required to pay part of the fees directly to our partner staff abroad, our partners’ acceptable payment methods may be different than ours. The volunteers are responsible for all transaction and processing charges. Typically, banks would charge fees for wire transfers to our partner organization and the participants are required to cover such transaction costs.