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Payment Info

  • When you apply, it is advised to send enrollment fee USD$290 + 5% as transaction fee to our PayPal account at pay@CrossContinental.org. This shows that you are committed and your application can be processed without delay. If your application doesn’t get accepted, the fee paid less any transaction charges will be returned to you. If your application gets accepted, then there will be no refund of enrollment fee due to the effort of processing your application.
  • The total payment for the program includes enrollment fee, program fee, transfer fee, and any applicable surcharges and transaction fees. If you want to be sure whether there will be a surcharge, please email us for a quote. The enrollment fee is paid to us. The other fees are paid via us to relevant partner members.
  • Please note that our programs don’t include international and local transportation cost, entry visa cost, personal spending, and travel insurance. We do not provide insurance of any kind, so it is the traveler’s responsibility to select and buy insurance packages that fit their own needs. We recommend that you get insurance that covers medical, critical accident, trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost item if you bring any valuables, and other relevant insurance that you may desire.
  • To pay for the program fee, transfer fee, and any applicable surcharges, online banking is usually the most cost-effective for American and Canadian residents. European residents usually pay by Transferwise.com and they need to send the payment in USD to the email pay@crosscontinental.org. For payments by credit/debit cards over PayPal, please note that there is an additional 5% as non-refundable transaction fee. Payments by PayPal should be sent to pay@crosscontinental.org.
  • All prices are in US dollars. Click here to see an estimate of prices in your local currency. This is the mid-market exchange rate, so please note that banks often give a less favorable exchange rate.