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Program Customization

While enrolling, please carefully answer our questions so that we can try to customize your program to your most ideal possible. This applies to all our programs (including volunteer abroad, intern abroad, and culture abroad programs). It is our goal to meet your needs. We try to customize the following things for you according to your needs. Although we make an effort to customize programs according to your preferences, please note that preferences are not guaranteed. There is a need for international volunteers and interns to be flexible.

1) Start Date

  • The program start date is flexible and you can practically arrive any week of the year with advanced notice of at least 2 weeks. However, to make sure that it is ok to arrive on a certain day, please confirm with us before you book your flight. Travelers shouldn’t book flights until their program is confirmed.

2) Duration

  • You can volunteer abroad for a period of 1 week to 6 months. You can intern abroad for a period of 1 month to 6 months. You may also extend your stay with advanced notice. Some projects or locations may have other rules applicable to the duration.

3) Accommodation Conditions

  • If you want more than the basics, you may pay extra for a more luxury home with more facilities.

4) Location

  • You can either pick urban or rural location as your preferred volunteer abroad location. We usually have both choices available and always try to place you at your preferred location, but please note that it also depends on which work place needs volunteers’ help the most. Often people at urban locations do not need volunteers’ help as much as rural locations.

5) Work Schedule

  • Some want to work a lot while others like to have more time off. Some like to start working early while others prefer getting up late. According to your preferred work schedule, we will try to meet your needs. Some intern and volunteer abroad works may allow flexible work schedule.

6) Work Placements

  • While applying, you give us your 3 most preferred work placements and we will do our best to give you the ones you want. Since space is limited and certain positions may take time to arrange, we recommend that participants apply as early as possible to avoid being shifted to another project.