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Intern or Volunteer Abroad Fees

Our volunteer abroad program fees are some of the lowest in the industry and very affordable. Many past participants have reported that our program offers a great value comparing to other similar programs. Our program fee starts as little as USD$180. Program fees mainly help us cover the variable costs, such as accommodation, meals, and orientation, etc. Program fees vary according to the length of your program.

Program Length Program Fee USD$
1 Week 180
2 Weeks 350
3 Weeks 470
1 Month (4 Weeks) 580
5 Weeks 680
6 Weeks 770
2 Months (8 Weeks) 980
10 Weeks 1150
3 Months 1320
4 Months 1630
5 Months 1950
6 Months 2300

For certain special discounted programs, if you meet our more strict requirements, the program fees can possibly be reduced to only USD$99 (for 1 week) to USD$2199 (for 6 months). (Special terms and conditions from specific work places may apply. Please ask us for more details if you are interested in participating in these special programs. Please note that these special programs have limited availability and limited flexibility.).

To see an estimate of these prices in your local currency click here.


  • There is an additional fee of USD$290 (enrollment fee) on top of the program fee for all the programs. This enrollment fee helps us cover mainly the fixed costs, such as program inspection and marketing cost.
  • Also, surcharges may apply to certain work placements and certain locations since they may be more rare or harder to arrange. Participants are fully responsible for all applicable surcharges and transaction charges. If you want to be sure of the payment, please feel free to email us for a quote by giving your host country, duration, and preferred project.
  • The transaction costs include banking charges, payment transfer and payment processing charges. The transaction costs typically have two parts. The first part of transaction costs is the transfer fee (of around $50) to help us cover costs related to distributing fees to relevant local parties. The second part of transaction costs may range from $0 to 5% depending how you decide to pay. (Some payment methods are practically free, such as online banking money transfer.) Other methods may be more costly, such as credit cards.

Total Payment = Program Fee + Enrollment Fee (plus transaction charges and any applicable surcharges)

What is included?

  • Accommodation and Meals
  • Hotline for Local Support
  • Program Orientation
  • Work Placement for Volunteers/Interns

Most of our partner organizations also provide regular cultural/social activities (Personal spending not included) to help you enjoy your time abroad.

What is not included?

  • International and Local Transportation Costs (Local transportation is usually affordable)
  • Medical/Travel Insurance (It is the travelers’ responsibility to get insurance packages that fit their own needs)
  • Visa Application Costs and Personal Spending

We do not provide insurance of any kind, so it is fully and solely the traveler’ responsibility to select and buy insurance packages that fit their own needs. We can give advice only based on our travel experience but we can’t assume liability for such advice. All participants are required to get their own insurance. We recommend that you get insurance to cover medical expenses, critical accidents, trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost items if you plan to bring any valuables, and other things deemed important to you.

Please note that the participants are responsible for covering all transaction costs.