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Reviews for China

“We had a wonderful time in Chengde, especially with our families! I think there is no other way to really understand the people there and have a unique experience. We enjoyed the work at the hospital, as we met wonderful people and learned a lot about medicine in China. We also really liked our work at the kindergarten. The children were very nice and it was fun to teach English 🙂 It’s sure we wanna go back someday!”

Geneviève Chouinard’s Group of Six Pre-Med Students

From : University of Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Internship Project: China (Healthcare and teaching Project)

international internships and volunteer abroad Asia China 125 intern abroad business hotel management tourism hospitality

international internships and volunteer abroad Asia China 141 intern abroad business hotel management tourism hospitality

International Internships and Business Internships Abroad

Name(s): Hannah Cross and Jordan Hudson

From : England, the UK

Internship Project: China (Business Internship)

“I have found that the hotel we stayed at provided very satisfactory accommodation, food and service for us. We were provided with 3 meals a day with no hassle, clean and comfortable accommodation and any help we needed from the staff.”

“All the members of staff have treated us very well and made us feel welcome.”

“The experience of working and living in China will hopefully be a big boost to our CVs; we have made some good friends and done some networking.”

“I would definitely recommend Cross Continental to anybody looking to explore a new place. The prices are by far the cheapest in this kind of work, Jenn was very good and knowledgeable about everything we asked. The placement allowed us to meet some wonderful people, to network and see a lot of Beijing.”
–Jordan Hudson

“I have been very happy with the service from the hotel, the food, accommodation and location was great.”
“I have enjoyed myself in Beijing, I have learnt a lot about the Chinese culture and way of work.”
“I have learnt some Chinese, met some lovely people who were very welcoming and great throughout the experience. We have seen some great places in and around Beijing and overall have really enjoyed myself.”
“I would recommend to others! Jenn was great, very knowledgeable and supportive. The price of the program is very reasonable and the cheapest I could find online.”
–Hannah Cross

international internships and volunteer abroad Asia-China-126-intern abroad, teaching and caregiving

Name: Mathew De Corrado

From: Australia

Volunteer Location: China

Volunteer Project: Teaching and Caregiving

“I enjoyed my placement immensely! The host family, allowed me to experience the Chinese lifestyle which was fantastic, something I had always wanted to do. They went out of their way to ensure I was happy and I am forever grateful for that.

The coordinators were also just as good, they were always extremely helpful and friendly, often taking me to eat with them which was a great way to make friends as opposed to simply working.

I’m on 23, and am still at University. I have worked many part time jobs since I was roughly 15 years old, but working at a school was the only time I didn’t feel like I was working. Teaching the children was very rewarding, seeing them smile and laugh was the highlight!
The children were always extremely friendly, very inquisitive and always greeting me with enthusiasm, something that never happened when to my teachers when I was in school.

I spent nearly 4 months in total travelling through China and Hong Kong, I visited many cities, Xian, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai and many others. However, Chengde was by far the best memory of my trip of China (the most rewarding experience I’ve had in China), I made heaps of friends there, my family was great and I in future I will return to Chengde, next time I am in China.

The host family was extremely welcoming, allowing me to stay with them for under 6 weeks. Each day they accommodated me nicely, made sure I was very comfortable, ensured I was well fed and well occupied with activities. My host family was a brother and sister, they were very close to my age so I felt like another brother in their family, we ate, sang and played together.

Cross Continental’s local coordinators were fantastic, we became friends quickly and they weren’t super strict on timing, they helped to create a flexible timetable for me to ensure I had the correct balance between spending time with my host family and teaching my classes. I was given teaching at a kindergarten and also at a school, teaching children from 5 years old to about 12 years old, which was challenging but rewarding once they were making progress!

Cross Continental have two distinct advantages over the other volunteer agencies, which I spent consider timing looking in to. They offer a much more affordable way to help others, especially as I am a student I’m not entirely rich. Secondly, their choice of location are much more rewarding than say a volunteer program in a big city such as Beijing or Xian.

Overall, the closest I got to experiencing the Chinese lifestyle and learning the culture was during my placement in Chengde, as I was no longer a tourist but an extended member of a Chinese family which gave me first hand experience. I spent approximately 4 months in China travelling various cities and studying, however, I will never forget my time in Chengde, and consider it the highlight my entire trip!”

international internships and volunteer abroad Asia-China-133-intern abroad, teaching, writing


Name: Carolyn Harmeling

From: Boston (USA)

Volunteer Location: China

Volunteer Project: Teaching and Caregiving

“I found cross continental online and I did a lot of research to find out what past volunteers thought of their experiences. I found a few websites online that rate programs such as this, and the ratings and comments were pretty positive. I also found a girl from a town near mine who went to China two years ago with cross continental and she loved it, so my sources were both online and previous volunteers.

I was extremely happy with my experience abroad. My local coordinators, Lily and Liza were unbelievably helpful. They made me feel safe and were there whenever I had questions or needed help. They even invited me out to dinner and took me on excursions! They provided me with more than I was expecting before my trip.

What made my trip truly amazing was my host family. They made me feel at home, supported, and safe. They took me to do so many activities, and I know that was more than expected of them. They were patient as I learned Chinese; they respected my space, and helped me through times of homesickness. They really did provide me with a home away from home.

Yes I was very happy with my volunteer experience. I think the most rewarding part of the trip was working with the students in the kindergarten. They threw a going away party for me at the end of my stay in China, and I truly felt that I had helped them and made an impact on the children.

I would absolutely recommend CrossContinental to anyone who wants to be fully immersed in a foreign culture. CrossContinental gave me more than I could have imagined in my abroad experience, especially at such an affordable cost. My program coordinators were accessible to me every day, constantly offering me support. In just six weeks, I became so close with my host family and my students in China that I didn’t want to leave!”

“Im doing great! I’m treated so well here. The food is really great too, as specially with the new year coming up! Lots of festivities are in order 🙂 My host family is teaching me a lot about chinese cooking and customs. We’re also planning to visit a lot of cities around northern china together which should be lotsss of fun. I really like the young kids I get to teach, they are super enthusiastic.”

Claire Lingham

From : USA

Volunteer Project: China (Teaching)

international internships and volunteer abroad Asia China 138 intern abroad international medical internships abroad

international internships and volunteer abroad Asia China 139 intern abroad international medical internships abroad


“The most rewarding experience was getting to know the Chinese medical students, who spoke English well enough to communicate on a slightly more advanced level than the doctors.”

“I had a great time in China. Please feel free to connect me to future volunteers if that would be helpful. I’d love to share my experiences.”

Medical Intern Name: Tate Besougloff
From: Virginia, USA (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
Intern Location: China
Intern Project: Medical Work

“The hospital was a great place to get hands-on experience, and I was able to watch and do things that I would never be able to in other cities or countries.”

“Volunteering in Zhangjiakou brought me to an underdeveloped part of the real China, which was a great experience in terms of cultural exposure. There was barely any English in the small town, so it was really a complete immersion. CrossContinental is a great program in terms of flexibility – volunteers can pick their arrival and departure time, their work duration, and take weekend trips during their stay. The hospital work placement is also extremely open, and the director of the hospital allows us volunteers to select our own departments to work in, as well as easily moving from department to department. I watched surgical operations and childbirths, administered medicine with the nurses, and learned about and actually practiced the traditional Chinese medicine treatments of acupuncture and fire cupping.”

Medical Volunteer Name: Mika White
From: Boston, USA (Northeastern University)
Volunteer Location: China
Volunteer Project: Medical Work

volunteer abroad in china

China is amazing, the food and the people are interesting and fun! The host family has been incredibly hospitable, such a great host!

Paul Johnson.

From: Australia

Volunteer Project: China (Teaching)

I found my experience in China immensely rewarding. Living with a Chinese family, and interacting in their daily lives, exposed me to the culture in ways I could never hope to experience by travelling as your typical “hotel tourist”. I really got to know what life’s like in a developing nation, and was constantly exposed to new customs and different ways of thinking. All in all, the trip really gave me perspective in life, and I would recommend this type of travel to anyone who wants to make a difference and experience life through another culture’s eyes. Cross-Continental Solutions lived up to all my expectations. Everyone was friendly and helpful, and they made sure that the cultural transition went as smooth as possible. I will happily recommend this organization to my friends.

Chris L.

From: Canada

Volunteer Location: China (urban location)

Volunteer Program: Teaching

International volunteer and intern abroad china asia

The days spent in a Zhangjiakou primary school of China were incredibly amazing! The children there were totally lovely with who you would always establish emotional bonding quickly even under language barrier. The teachers I worked with were friendly as well. It was a fresh experience to live in a small village where I lived with cattle, horses, donkeys & other farm animals and neighbours there do know each other like a really big family! The village is surrounded by mountains therefore we could go hiking at weekends.

Eva S.

From: Australia

Volunteer Location: China (Rural location)

Volunteer Project: Teaching

international internships and volunteer abroad-Asia-China-teaching

“I’ve been very happy with everything. My host family was fantastic, their daughter was about the same age as me and spoke some English, so communication was never a problem. With her parents I managed to handle basic conversations in Mandarin. They were always friendly and accomodating, I experienced them as warm-hearted, sincere people. Cultural differences were not much of an issue, maybe partly because I was familiar with Chinese culture already. Nevertheless, I saw plenty of things that were new for me as well and allowed me to analyse and compare.” “The work placement itself was also satisfying, even though I felt a bit unprepared for what was expecting me. I knew that I’d be teaching at a summer school, but I didn’t expect that I’d be totally free in what I wanted to tell the kids about.”

Nathalie Greber

From: Switzerland

Volunteer Location: China

Volunteer Project: Teaching

international internships and volunteer abroad-Asia-China-teaching

“Not being a foreigner, I had learned a lot about the countryside life and enjoyed my days there. I was really glad to have this chance to be one of the volunteers with CrossContinental and I hope to have opportunity to go to other parts of the world with them.

The most memorable thing for me is to be able to make a change for the students during the teaching. I think I got into the position really quick and I could teach the student independently. During the lessons, I tried to use different ways of teaching compared with the Chinese traditional ways, like let them perform Little Red Riding Hood, get them separate groups for competition and use the way of brainstorming to enlarge their horizons to the knowledge… From my point of view, students did well in class and had been really enthusiastic to the new lessons. I was really proud and moved when the students performed me musical instrument before my leaving…After I arrived home, the local coordinator texted me and said that the students missed me. It is the changes that I brought to them make me feel not only full-filling but also meaningful.

I will recommend CrossContinential for the good service and affordable price. The most important thing is that we can make time schedule ourselves. For example, I went to exercise and run with Nathalie when we were both in Zhangjiakou. Furthermore, it was great to meet people with different background. Nathalie who is from Switzerland and I became really good friend after we both volunteered in China.”

Annie Li

From: China (Urban Location)

Volunteer Location: China (Rural Location)

Volunteer Project: Teaching

international internships and volunteer abroad Asia-China-117-intern abroad-healthcare volunteer work, medical internships, zhangjiakou-2013

“First day I was put to work with the internal medicine doctors. Myself being who I am, love more hands on approach. So the second day I got moved to the nursing department. Let me say that the nurses there are what made my trip such a good experience. I always wanted to try new things. They let me do IVs, injections, transferring medicine, blood pressure, tour the hospital.

Even though I was from America, and knew barely ANY Chinese. (Only two years at a American high school that taught Chinese) EVERYBODY was extremely welcoming and helpful. When I would not understand them or they wouldn’t understand me, they would take their time out of their busy schedule to help me.

Coming in to zhangjiakou, I didn’t know anybody. I had to keep a wide smile and meet all types of different people; nurses, doctors, bus drivers, random people off the street, etc. being able to get along with strangers is the key success to happily surviving in that type of environment.
The local coordinator, Eilien, was EXTREMELY and let me say this again, EXTREMELY helpful. Whenever I needed help she was a phone call or text away and I would get help that moment.

I am currently writing an newspaper article for my school newspaper about my wonderful experience. I will be sure to send you a copy once its been edited/finished. This has been a wonderful experience and I am currently possible looking into doing a medical volunteer abroad again next summer for longer!”

“If there are ANY people who want to know about the program and how the experience went for me, do not hesitate to give them my name and email for them to get in contact with me.”

Name: Chad Lee

From: California (USA)

Volunteer Location: China

Volunteer Project: Medical Work