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Reviews and Photos for Ghana

International volunteer and intern abroad Ghana AfricaInternational volunteer and intern abroad Ghana Africa

“I really love the people here so yes i’m doing great. I helped donating some books to a school. It was really fun and nice to see how happy you make these children. Also I’ve been to a goldmine so that was really great to see! Now i am back at my host family. I will miss them when I go to the village but I already made plans visiting them.”

Anouk Jans

From: Europe (Holland)

Volunteer Location: Ghana

Volunteer Project: Wildlife Work and Teaching

international internships and intern abroad and volunteer abroad Africa-Ghana-115-dental work-kumasi

Volunteer Names: Sam Driggers and Jessica Friedman

From: USA

Volunteer Location: Ghana

Volunteer Project: Dental Work

Feedback from Sam Driggers

Overall, I had a great time in Ghana and everyone involved was very nice. The host family was great and I made true friends with the family members. The clinic staff was also very nice and they made us feel at home. The doctors were very helpful in all that they did as well.

Yes, I was happy overall. I think the most rewarding thing was just being there in general. I could tell that most people really appreciated our presence and effort to help in any way possible. I learned a lot more about dentistry and it was neat to see how it’s done in other countries.

CrossContinental is a great organization with very affordable trips abroad. They paired my friend and I up with some great people in Ghana. The local coordinators and host family were very nice, and we made some good friends during our short stay. The other thing that’s unique about CrossContinental is their program flexibility. For instance, we worked in a dental clinic, but they can usually place you in any type of work setting. I had the experience of a lifetime by volunteering abroad in Ghana, and CrossContinental made it possible.

Feedback from Jessica Friedman

The host family was fantastic! Their three children were around my age, and were great to hang out with.

They provided us with our own rooms and treated us as if we were part of their family. The parents were very kind and always made sure we were having a good time and felt safe. They shared a lot about life in Ghana and we were able to become close!

The work placement, Dr. Willben Dental Clinic, was also great. The two dentists working their shared much of their knowledge on dental procedures and what dentistry was like in Ghana. I learned SO much from them both. The rest of the staff were also accepting of the two of us observing and helping out where we could. I felt very comfortable the entire time there.

Overall, I was very happy with my experience with CrossContinental. The most rewarding experience was being able to learn about what I’m passionate about (dentistry) in an entirely new environment, all while immersing myself as much as possible in the Ghana way of life.

I would recommend you to others who are looking for an affordable way to travel abroad to volunteer. The organization is flexible in the amount of options that the volunteer can customize for their desired experience abroad. Additionally, the responses from Jenn at CrossContinental were always punctual and helpful, as I never had to wait long for a question to be answered.

international internships and volunteer abroad Africa-Ghana-111-healthcare

“My supervisor was very supportive, and accompanied me everywhere throughout my stay in Ghana. I learned a lot about how the Ghana health care system works, and the staff in the hospital were friendly and helpful in orientating me in the family planning unit, medical unit, and in the emergency unit. ” “Overall, I was happy with the volunteer experience with Cross-Continental, and I have already started recommending the organization to my colleagues. Cross-Continental is one of the best volunteer organizations in regards to cost, security of the volunteer, and the provision of a variety of placement options. I will definitely go with this organization again! My most rewarding experience was  the opportunity it gave me to meet and interact with the Ghanian people at the local level. I now have many friends there now.”

Eustace Hicks

From: Canada

Volunteer Location: Ghana

Volunteer Project: Healthcare

international internships and volunteer abroad Africa-Ghana-cape coast

“I really like my work placement and overall I am having a very interesting experience in Ghana.”

“I REALLY appreciate how affordable this program is.”

Brock Grosso

From: USA

Internship Location: Ghana

Internship Project: Empowerment of Women/Other Disenfranchised Population (Department of Social Welfare)