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Reviews and Photos for Tanzania

international internships and volunteer abroad Africa-Tanzania-110-healthcare work

international internships and volunteer abroad Africa-Tanzania healthcare work

international internships and volunteer abroad Africa-Tanzania-gap year programs

“The work placement was also fantastic and much more than what I hoped for. Not only was the exposure to an underserved patient population an eye opening experience, but also the hands-on healthcare experience was… well… very hand-on. The doctors didn’t view me as an incompetent pre-medicine college student, as most doctors in America would have, but treated me as a valuable resource because of the staff shortages in the hospital. Therefore, the duties they assigned for me was well over what I expected.

I had to help amputate a patient’s hand. This was definitely a sad moment because I knew that the patient’s quality of life would be affected. However, it was also the most rewarding moment not because the procedure was frankly cool but also because it gave me the chance to “be there” for my patient. Over several weeks, I stayed in the major theater to help look after the patient, during which time I had the great privilege of interacting with him and learning more about the culture in Tanzania.

For six weeks, I worked as a medical intern at a district hospital in Tanzania. Because the hospital was extremely understaffed, doctors did not see me as an undergraduate volunteer but as a capable assistant: I was given important responsibilities in different sectors of the hospital. In the minor theatre, I learned how to treat cuts and scrapes, stitch open wounds, remove sutures, and apply and remove casts. I also assisted in several minor surgeries like circumcisions and tumor removals. Spare time was spent in the major theater to observe surgeries or in the male ward to follow up patients, many of whom I still remember today.

I truly have to thank CrossContinental for the wonderful experience. The cost of the program was definitely the cheapest I was able to find but the cheap cost did not reflect, in any way, how amazing this program really is. Also, the flexibility of the program catered to my availability.

Most importantly, CrossContinental paired me with the most amazing host family. I definitely would recommend this program to others (In fact, I already recommended it to several friends)”

Bu Min Kong

From: USA

Internship Location: Tanzania

Internship Project: Healthcare