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Intern Abroad

Our intern abroad program is perfect for these who are looking for international internship experience. Many college students and university students have taken our intern abroad program as a part of their degree or for school credit. It allows access to great learning potential and is an excellent way to gain valuable international work experience. The international internship experience can also improve your resume and help you with college applications, graduate school applications, and job applications. Many works allow flexible working schedule, so that you can either work full time or part time depending on your preferences.

Our volunteer abroad locations usually also have international internships available. The intern abroad program is very similar to the volunteer abroad program, but the intern abroad program is usually for students taking it for school credit or someone looking for an internship to put on their resume. The intern abroad programs have more of a learning focus comparing to volunteer abroad programs. The intern abroad program usually involves us rating the performance of the interns and working with the universities directly.

Intern Abroad work placements include:

  • Caregiving
  • Healthcare
  • Community Development
  • HIV Work
  • Teaching
  • Wildlife and Environmental Work
  • General Business Work
  • Marketing
  • Micro-Finance
  • Journalism
  • Tourism
  • Legal Work

Please note that not all work placements are available at all locations. We may be able to arrange other works upon request. Certain works and certain locations may require a surcharge since it is harder or more costly to arrange them. Feel free to ask us for the possibilities.