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Intern Abroad Programs

Our intern abroad program adds value to your resume and let you access great learning potential. Many university students take our internship program as a part of their co-op degree or for school credit. Many works allow flexible working schedule, so that you can either work full time or part time depending on your preferences. Like our volunteer abroad program, accommodation and meals are included.

Our volunteer abroad locations usually also have internships available. Volunteer abroad and intern abroad are very similar programs, but intern abroad program is usually for students taking it for school credit or someone looking for an internship experience for their resume. The main difference between intern abroad and volunteer abroad programs is the focus from the participant’s point of view. Intern abroad programs has more of a learning focus and less of a contributing focus, although both learning and contributing elements are present in both programs. For example, pre-med students or new graduates are more likely to enroll into an intern abroad program, while experienced medical doctors/nurses are more likely to enroll into a volunteer abroad program.

Intern Abroad work placements include:

  • Caregiving or Orphanage Work
  • Healthcare
  • Community Development
  • HIV Work
  • Teaching
  • Wildlife or Environmental Work
  • General Business Work
  • Marketing or Business Coaching
  • Microfinance
  • Journalism
  • Tourism

Please note that not all work placements are available at all locations. We may be able to arrange other works upon request. Feel free to ask us for the possibilities.

Also, intern abroad programs require one month of participation at the very least.

Program Fee for Intern Abroad Programs:

Program Length Program Fee USD$
1 Month (4 Weeks) 580
5 Weeks 680
6 Weeks 770
2 Months (8 Weeks) 980
10 Weeks 1150
3 Months 1320
4 Months 1630
5 Months 1950
6 Months 2300

To see an estimate of these prices in your local currency click here.

Program fee mainly helps us cover variable costs, such as accommodation, meals, and orientation.

Note: There is an additional fee of USD$290 (enrollment fee) on top of the program fee for all the programs. This enrollment fee helps us cover mainly the fixed costs, such as program inspection, staff salary, and marketing cost. Also, certain work placements and certain locations may require a surcharge since they are harder or more costly to arrange. Participants are fully responsible for any surcharges and transaction costs.

Total Payment = Program Fee + Enrollment Fee (plus transaction costs and any surcharges)

What is included?

    * Accommodation and Meals
    * Hotline for On-Site Support
    * Arrival Welcome
    * Program Orientation
    * Internship Work Placement

What is not included?

    * International and Local Transportation Costs
    * Medical/Travel Insurance (optional but recommended)
    * Visa Application Costs and Personal Spending

Note: Banking charges and transaction expenses are the participants’ responsibilities. It usually costs around $50 to transfer fees to relevant local parties. It may vary depending the exact location and the project.

Intern Abroad Requirements

  • Age Requirement: You can apply on your own if you are 18 years or over at the start of the program. For participants who are 15-17 years old at the start of the program, it is possible to enroll if the legal guardian gives permission and signs our waiver form to waive our liability.
  • Language Requirement: You must be able to speak English.
  • Cooperation and Adaptability: You should be able to work well with others, including people who are quite different from yourself. You should be able to adapt to foreign environments and new cultures. International volunteers and interns need to be cooperative, flexible, and respectful. You need to respect the local culture and local ways of living. The more interest you show to the local coworkers and host family, the more interest they usually show in you and your learning. The success of doing a project abroad also depends on you.
  • Some medical positions may require volunteers/interns have relevant training or certification.