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(Note: Please excuse us for any grammar or spelling errors since some writing is provided by our local coordinators in Ecuador and English may not be their native language.)

In today’s dynamic and global business environment, it is essential to keep up-to-date with market developments. Marketing can do great things for the business industry that looks day after day to improve their flow of clients as well as profit. The program takes place in Quito in one of the marketing companies whose objective is to understand the clients’ business objectives thorough research and careful planning.


Interns will work side by side with the rest of the staff in using their creativity to achieve the goals of the company´s client. The intern can for example start with a marketing research to identify the market opportunities of each client.

Do not forget that technology plays an important role in the marketing business and using Facebook, newsletters, twitter might not be uncommon for you and this is why we recommend a good knowledge of computer.



Passport scan in color and resume/CV.

Letter of intentions if possible.

Some education within the field.

Interest in working with people.

Adaptable and open-minded to work and live in a different culture.


High intermediate Spanish.

Some experience or interest within the field.


Monday to Friday, from about 08:00 to 17:00.


Formal clothing in case of meetings is a must but otherwise semi-formal clothing is enough. It is good to have a USB memory to work with as they might be working on different computers.


Interns will stay with a family about 35 to 45 minutes away from the office.

They have 3 meals with the family but while working they will probably not have time to get back home for lunch so the family can either prepare a simple lunch box or they can eat close to work in a restaurant at their own expense.

Interns will have a private room and a shared bathroom.


Interns will arrive to Quito where they first will have orientation to be shown basic things like where they have Internet, phone cabins, ATM´s etc and if they want Spanish classes we can arrange that.

They will be taken by a member of the onsite staff / coordinator to the place of work to get introduced the first day and of course shown how to get there.

Calculate $0.25 to $0.50 for a one way trip here from the family.


Though Spanish level and experience and/or education within the field are important. personality is also something that determines what they will get out of their experience.

An open person that shows interest and initiative will have a good experience.

Initiative is important as the staff often takes this as a sign of interest so they will most likely get into their tasks faster.

It takes normally about a week to get into work and for some it even takes up to two weeks before they start to understand their tasks and how things work.