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Tourism Internship in Quito and the Amazon Jungle (Ecuador)

(Note: Please excuse us for any grammar or spelling errors since some writings may be provided by our local coordinators in Ecuador and English is not their native language.)


The capital of Ecuador is located in the Andean mountains at an altitude of 2,850 meters above sea level and this makes it the second highest capitol city in the world after La Paz in Bolivia. It is also the oldest capital city in the world thinking of that it was first the capitol city for the Quito tribe about 1,500 years ago, then for the Caras tribe and finally for the Inkas before the Spaniards came in the year 1534.

In 1978 the colonial part of Quito was one of the first locations to be declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it is still one of the largest and best preserved historic centers in Latin America.

Quito has been growing steadily and now has a population of more than 2,2 million people within its rural and urban areas. Naturally with this many people the communications are good and it is a great place to start exploring Ecuador.

Yarina eco lodge

The lodge is located about 45 minutes downstream on Napo River from Coca in the lower part of the Amazon region. Here they have about 20 huts in touristic class where tourists come to enjoy the Amazon rainforest through hikes and on small canoes on the river while learning about plants and animals.

Amazon Dolphin lodge

The lodge is located further down the Napo River from Coca and it takes about 4 hours to get here. They have 11 huts in the higher class here and tourists come to enjoy the flora and fauna during hikes and on small canoes in the lagoon.


The main part of the program is located in Quito at an Ecuadorian company and their agency. The company runs two lodges in the Amazon jungle besides their own trips in the Galapagos Island on their boat that they run with Island hopping programs.

The 2 lodges are located in the low part of the Amazon jungle where still wildlife can be found. One lodge is called Yarina Lodge, about 45 minutes by boat downstream from Coca, and they started with this lodge about 12 years ago.

The second lodge is called Amazon Dolphin Lodge and it is located in the Pañacocha protected forest reserve that is central to a biological corridor linking Yasuni National Park and the Cuyabeno Wildlife Refuge. Wildlife here is in abundance and it is more likely to have hands on experience than anywhere else.


Interns will work with the small staff at the agency to begin with. Here they have the chance to work with everything that is connected to an agency like handling clients that comes in, help planning and organizing trips for clients, help look for and contact other agency´s in other countries, book flights, handle clients over phone, overlook reservations and logistics etc.

Interns normally also have the chance to go to one of the lodges in the Amazon jungle to work with tourists and everything around them such as logistics, cleaning, take care of the small bar, help in the kitchen and with serving food, overlook that staff members knows what needs to be done amongst all.

What interns will do in the end depends on several things such as Spanish knowledge, experience and education and open personality. Also it depends on how long they stay if they for example will go to one of the lodges and also their client contact also, both at lodges and at the agency, depends on their responsibility and personality.

What interns might do:

  • Help tourists that come into the agency and show them what they have to offer.
  • Take bookings over Internet and from tourists that come into the agency.
  • Help promoting the trips to other agencies all over the world.
  • Make sure that everything is ready for tourists that have booked a trip.
  • Possibly visit Yarina Eco Lodge to work there with logistics for the tourists.
  • Help checking translated information and possibly improve the information for homepages and brochures if possible.


Application with passport scan


Interest in working with people.

Minimum 6 week.


Intermediate Spanish.

At least 6-8 weeks.

Some experience or education in the field.

A  laptop to work on.


Monday to Friday. Normally from 09:00 to 18:00 with brake for lunch.


Semi-formal clothing’s to work at the agency and at the lodges. Remember that it might be very warm and humid at the lodges so clothes need to be fresh and a bit lose at the same time as they are semi-formal.


Interns will live with a family in Quito where they will have a private room and a shared bathroom as well as 3 meals per day.

They will have up to about 15 minutes with bus or 30 minutes walking to get to work.

If they go to the lodges the company will cover for room and board but interns will have to arrange their own transport from Quito to Coca and back.


Interns will arrive to Quito where they first will have orientation to be shown basic things like where they have Internet, phone cabins, ATM´s etc. If they want Spanish classes we can arrange that with work half the day.

They will be taken by either their host family or local coordinator to get introduced to the work place the first day and of course show how to get there. Calculate $0.25 to $0.50 for a one way trip here from the family.

If they would have the chance to work at any of the lodges they normally takes a bus to Coca, about $10, and a taxi the last part to the office, $1. Then they will go with the motor canoe together with the staff and/or tourists to the lodge.


Anybody interested in tourism and hotel management.


Spanish is very important as well as personality as this work includes a lot of contact with customers normally.