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Projects in Bolivia


  • Microfinance Work or Business Coaching
  • Construction or Painting Work


  • Orphanage Work
  • Caring for the Elderly or the Disabled


  • Teaching at Orphanages
  • Teaching at Schools
  • Sports Education (Outdoor soccer, netball, volleyball, basketball coaching, etc)


  • Medical Placement (for Medical Doctors and Nurses)
  • Assisting Healthcare Professionals (at a local hospital)


  • HIV Testing
  • HIV /ADIS Awareness Education


  • Environmental Work (such as tree planting and tree nursery)
  • Agriculture Work and Farming
  • Tourism Work (such as working for local tourism companies, hotels, etc.)
  • Marketing Work
  • Culture and Language Immersion Activities (such as dancing, cooking, songs, stories, etc.)

For Bolivia, we recommend the following projects:

1,Soccer/Football School (Sports Education)

Work Location: North and south part of Cochabamba (about 20 min drive from the city center)

The volunteers will work together with our partner football coach, and train youth living on the street in the North part of the City. The volunteers will also help in football trainings for poor children in the south part of the city.

2, Mobile Clinic (Healthcare or HIV Work)

Work Location: North, central, and south part of Cochabamba

The volunteers will go with our health partner staff, and help them in keeping records of the treatment, give right medicine, etc. If the volunteer is qualified, he or she can help treating and checking people on the street. The person can also help teaching first aid or HIV/ hygiene or other subjects to people on the street.

3, MicroFinance Project

Work place location: Central part of the city (Cochabamba)

The volunteer will help making environmental friendly bags made by recycled fabric with young women that recently have left the street. They will help sell the bags for income of the young women and the local foundations. The volunteer will also go with the team to follow up on people we have helped with micro finance. The volunteer will have opportunities to come up with new innovative projects/micro-businesses for youths that are motivated to leave the life on the street.

4,Orphanage Work

Work place: South part of the city (about 20 min traveling from the central part of the city)

The volunteers will work in a local orphanage with poor children. Playing with them, teaching them simple things, cooking, cleaning, etc.