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Work Projects in China

There are work placements available in both urban and rural China. For China, we recommend teaching work since English teachers usually can speak English. Due to language barriers in China, volunteers and interns without fluent Mandarin can find it hard to do other works. It is possible to arrange other works, but we must warn participants about the language barrier in China. Because of the big language barrier, many participants find themselves less free in China. Our international volunteer/intern work placements in China include:


    • Caring for Children (Recommended)
    • Caring for the Elderly or the Disabled


    • Helping Local Small Businesses
    • Helping in Community Centers


    • Medical Placements
    • Assisting Health Professionals
    • Helping in a Rural Health Center

    (4)HIV/AIDS Work

    • HIV/AIDS Testing
    • Awareness Campaigns
    • Caring for the HIV Infected
    • Conducting HIV lessons

    (5) TEACHING

    • Teaching in Schools, Community Centers, and Colleges
    • Teaching English (Recommended)

    (6) OTHER

    • Business Coaching
    • Environmental or Agriculture
    • Construction Work

Please note that some work placements may require a surcharge since they are harder to arrange. Also, more works can possibly be arranged upon request.