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Healthcare Work

There are not enough healthcare facilities to take care of the population of Ghana. In Ghana, the low standard of living limits more than half of the country’s ability to go in for basic healthcare.

Volunteers and interns under this project assist the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff in different locations across the country. Qualified nurses and doctors assist in daily medical treatments. Medical students and nurses help the healthcare professionals in order to gain hands-on experience. Volunteers and interns usually help in maternal health, mental health, laboratories, counseling and testing.

Volunteers and interns will work at local hospitals or clinics. The local hospitals usually have the following departments: Males Ward, Females Ward, Children’s Ward, Special Ward, Female Surgical Ward, Male surgical ward, Maternity Ward, Delivery Ward. There are usually around 30 beds in each small local hospital.

Main Responsibilities:

Volunteers and interns can expect to work alongside the nurses and the medical officers to attend to patients, give medicines, and also help them relax. The work mostly depends on volunteers’  level of knowledge, experience, and attitude.

Volunteers and interns would be mainly assisting doctors and nurses in local hospitals and doing tasks such as:
•  Change bandage; Assist in Childbirth
•  Take blood pressure; Give first aid treatment
•  Educating people on basic HIV prevention, first aid skills

Typical Working Days and Hours

We may be able to customize work hours based on individual needs, but this is up to the hospital’s flexibility. Generally it depends on the schedule arranged between participants and the staff in the host project. The work is mostly 6 hours daily from Monday to Saturday.