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HIV or AIDS Work

In Ghana specifically and Africa as a continent, the rate  of HIV / AIDS patients increases daily, with approximately 2.4 million deaths in 2002 alone making it the leading killer in Africa. Although many countries have invested in the prevention of HIV/AIDS, the number infected is still raising.

Volunteers and interns under the HIV/AIDS prevention and Counseling Program in Ghana help people live with the prevention of the infection and the stigma of people excluding the HIV infected from all social lives. The project is aimed at giving the needed education on the transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS prevention and provides coaching to those who are infected. We also distribute developmental information on health matters, targeting reproductive health and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS. We provide materials that are to guide or educate people on the causes, effects and avoidance of HIV/AIDS.

Volunteers and interns may teach about matters such as reproductive health and HIV/AIDS prevention. They emphasize on promoting moral change through the supervision of discussions on HIV/AIDS prevention and sexual health with groups within the community involving the youth who are within and outside schools, patrons at antenatal clinics and overall community meetings.

Loving and caring volunteers are needed to work as mentors to reach a huge number of people, especially the youth and children who are defenseless to this deadly disease.

Role of volunteers and Interns

Duties may includes:

  • Handling infected kids and people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Put infected people through the study on how they can confine HIV/AIDS without spreading it to other people ignorantly.
  • Trying to uplift the lives of HIV/AIDS people
  • Making arrangement with infected people who visit the various hospital and clinics for education.
  • Organizing the HIV/AIDS infected people community outreach programs (such as care-giving, recreational/educational programs, voluntary HIV counseling/testing, educational seminars, and conferences on virus within the local community)

Qualification and Skills

There are no special qualifications needed for one to become a volunteer for HIV/AIDS patients, but the key is to have the love and care for infected people. Volunteers and interns must have the willingness to share their time as well as compassion with patience and flexibility.