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Journalism Work

With its history as a developing country, Ghana is an important place to do your TV, radio, and newspaper journalism internships. The Journalism programs we offer fall under Print or Newspaper Journalism, Radio Journalism, and Television Journalism.

If you are already a working journalist or a student, this is a chance to broaden your horizon and enhance your resume with work experience in a different culture and society, or maybe a different medium.

Under the internship program, the interns engage in daily project activities. Most of the time, the director of the project will work to help you successfully complete your field report.

In order to get the most out of the internship, we recommend at least 2 weeks of language and culture immersion program because many times language barriers hinder the effectiveness of the internship.

Job Duties of Newspaper Journalists:

Journalists work in newsrooms and in the field, observing, taking notes, cultivating sources, analyzing events objectively and writing accurate articles. Newspaper journalists may investigate issues to find the story behind the story, and they need to be well versed in the laws related to the framework for the press. Some newspaper journalists are given general assignments, special assignments or a regular beat to cover, while others focus on a specific category of news, such as politics, foreign affairs, sports or finances.

Job Duties of TV AND RADIO Broadcast Journalists:

Broadcast journalists are responsible for investigating, gathering and reporting on news and current affairs. They are expected to present this information in a fair, balanced and accurate way through news bulletins, documentaries and other factual programs for radio, television and online broadcast.

Broadcast journalists can fill a number of roles within the media including editor, reporter, presenter/news anchor, producer and correspondent.

Covering breaking and developing news, gathering facts, conducting interviews and writing clear and concise articles for publication. Curiosity and writing abilities are key traits for aspiring Newspaper Journalists.

All interns need to be flexible, communicate well, and work hard as internships are demanding and must be taken seriously. You will be representing a professional organization and you may sometimes have deadlines to meet.

All interns would be working under supervision by the experts from the agency where interns works.

Working Days and Hours:

Journalism interns should expect to work from 8.30am to 4.30pm from Monday to Fridays.