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International Law and Human Rights Internships

With its history as a developing country, Ghana is an important place to get involved in campaigning for human rights and make a real impact on people’s lives. Law & Human Rights internships in Ghana are based in Kumasi, the garden city of Ghana. Although voted as one of the most beautiful cities in Africa, Kumasi maintains a noticeable disparity between rich and poor. A huge indicator of this can be seen when walking in town and viewing the housing situations around.

Interning on our Law and Human Rights project in Ghana, will give you the opportunity to work with a well established Law firm, alongside like-minded interns and passionate staff.

You will gain first-hand experience of law and human rights work in practice, gain knowledge about the legal system, and learn about community involvement. Interns are given the opportunity to get involved at grass roots level, raising awareness about human rights to a variety of people throughout Ghana.

We have placed many interns, from high school and college students to graduates and professionals. The work is suitable to all who have a general interest in human rights and are willing to work hard and dedicate their time to improving the lives of others.

Responsibilities of Interns

Your placement will typically involve several elements. You might be working with or producing information, such as research reports or consulting with clients, handling case work, writing up legal opinions on cases, or visiting court to observe different proceedings. At other times you might visit community groups, schools, or shelters to carry out workshops on specific human rights aspects. There is plenty for you to become involved with and you will definitely be kept busy.

Your legal experience will determine the level of legal work you will be involved in. Some of the more important, complex legal work may be reserved for those who have legal experience. It is also important that you have a good level of English to participate in this project. Strong English skills are especially relevant if you wish to work with the legal services.

All interns need to show a good level of initiative. How much you get out of this experience is related to what you are prepared to put in. Interns, who get involved, ask questions, and make an impact on their supervisors will have a fantastic learning experience.

All interns need to be flexible, communicate well, and work hard as internships are demanding and must be taken seriously. You will be representing a professional organization and you may sometimes have deadlines to meet.

Working Days and Hours:

Law & Human Rights interns should expect to work from 8.30am to 4.30pm from Monday to Friday.