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Orphanage Work in Ghana

We provide the opportunity for worldwide volunteers and interns to work in the orphanage homes by teaching and taking care of the vulnerable children. This placement is meant to create new life into these unfortunate and neglected children by sharing fun, love, and education to them. This project includes orphanages and day care centers for children who live at the orphanage until they are adopted by families that can well take care of them.

Lots of orphanages in Ghana are poorly managed with limited staff, and face lots of problems to run the homes. For that matter, the centers need volunteers to help with the day-to-day activities like cleaning, cooking, and serving food to the children. Volunteers are also required to provide some basic English education to the children, and organize physical and sports lessons.

Roles of Volunteers and Interns

These children’s age may range from 3 months and 12 years. Volunteers and interns should give love, hope, care, and education to hopeless orphan kids in Ghana. In this project, duties may include:

  • Teach Basic English and Math
  • Help them in preparing to go to school, checking their uniforms, and cleanliness of the kids.
  • Develop creative programs such as dance, arts, music, etc.
  • Organize physical and sports activities
  • Help the children with various health and personal hygiene needs
  • Teach life-skills
  • Housekeeping, cooking, serving food to the children

Qualifications and Skills

There are no special qualifications for the orphanage project in Ghana, but people with kind heart, compassion and love for the children are required for this placement.

Volunteers live with host families or at the orphanage.

A typical Day in the Orphanage Project

Morning ( 7 AM– 8 AM: Breakfast)

Help the children to brush their teeth and get them dressed. Serve breakfast and clean their beds. Teach the children about health and hygiene, bath them, check their neatness and accompany them to school.


Take care of the children in the orphanage. Help them to learn some basic English whiles playing with them. Arrange activities like games, music, drawing, etc. Bring children back from school and help them in their homework


Serve dinner to the children. Help in the kitchen and also in washing dishes, wash their clothes, cleaning of the orphanage premises and guide them to sleep.