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Sports Education

The sports education project  would be conducted in schools, or clubs in Ghana. School children are typically from 10 to 18yrs. Clubs and community groups can be for both youth and adults.

In Ghana, Sports have the powerful ability to draw people together, even beyond international borders. For many young people in disadvantaged areas around Ghana, however, opportunities to participate in creative play and sporting events are uncommon. Sports coaching volunteers and interns provide priceless opportunities for young people to participate in sports and acquire the many benefits associated with playing sports.

Some of the various benefits include finding an inexpensive outlet for physical energy and friendly competition, getting exercise, gaining confidence, forming friendships and a sense of community, seeing the positive consequences of perseverance, and learning the value of hard work and discipline.

Volunteers run drills, teach strategy, and provide encouragement for young players, while promoting healthy habits and serving as positive role models for young, impressionable individuals.

With any volunteer project, the nature of volunteers’ work begins with the needs of the community. The specific tasks volunteers carry out depend on the project and most importantly, the needs of the individuals they are helping.

In the Spotlight: Sports Coaching in Ghana

Sports coaching volunteers have an impact on their host communities by interacting daily with local children, students, young adults, and their adult leaders in schools, sports clubs and youth organizations.  Sports are an inexpensive way for youth around Ghana to have a creative physical outlet while staying active and having fun.

Ghana sports coaching projects give volunteers a new viewpoint on Ghana and on the role of sports in culture, while broadening the horizons of the young people they coach and providing support to the local organizations where the young people spend their time.

Typical Projects:

  • Youth Soccer Coaching
  • Youth Volleyball Coaching
  • Youth Athletes Coaching
  • Youth Basketball Coaching
  • Youth Netball Coaching
  • Youth Table tennis Coaching

Best Fit For:

Sports coaching volunteers should be passionate about being wrapped up in the hands-on Ghana of athletics and about making a difference in the lives of the children and young adults they spend time with.  Successful sports coaching volunteers are energetic, patient, creative, fun, and adaptable. They should be able to adapt to variations in playing fields or courts, available equipment, and varying skill levels.