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Volunteers and interns are placed in urban and rural communities in Ghana where they would teach English as well as other subjects such as Mathematics, Geography, and General Knowledge to the children. The knowledge, skills and ideas that volunteers from other cultures can bring to a Ghanaian student is invaluable.

Volunteers mainly teach various children in the various villages. Although English is the official language of Ghana, the children rarely get to learn from non-Ghanaian speakers of the language.

Volunteers find themselves teaching children who have no roof over their head. They are the kids who are in the open air to learn with no pencil or chalkboard. The lesson plan with the help of the local school will be provided including teaching curriculum.

Creativity and improvisation teaching methods are the key and can challenge the experienced teacher but the result are truly amazing.

Classes are normally in five sessions a week with volunteers asking five hours to teach in all the five days of the week. Volunteers are allowed to bring their teaching aids such as picture books, flash cards, art supply, instruments, etc.

Main Responsibilities

Joining this project means that you will be helping with several activities to school children. This may include:

  • Teaching English, Math, Sciences, Geography
  • Sporting activities, and Creative art
  • Helping them to learn their lessons / assignments
  • Organizing evening classes for the students
  • Check their dresses, the neatness and the cleanliness of the kids when they report at school every morning
  • Play games (educational and environmental)

Working Days and Hours

Schools usually run from 8am to 2pm (Monday to Friday), but the exact schedule for volunteers and interns may depend on the needs of each particular school.

Qualifications and Skills

Volunteers must attain the legal growing age of 16 years and above and must have an open mind and flexible attitude for working in a different environment. Volunteers must be vigorous and inspired in the various lives of Ghanaian children.