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Microfinance Project in Nepal

There are Microfinance programs in Nepal. The volunteers and interns will work as Admin either in cooperatives run by several women or in other Microfinance groups. The duties include helping in policy making, fund raising, Door to Door program, awareness campaign, data collection, record keeping, capacity building training, and report writing. We have a few partner organizations working in MicroFinance in Nepal.

We have Microfinance projects in Kathmandu and Witwan. The project is run by groups of women. Basically, our volunteers and interns can contribute in Fund Raising, building relationship with international co-operatives, planning and executing income of cooperatives, helping allocation of the fund to productive area, providing training to the members and shareholders about the proper management and income generating activities as well helping delegating the jobs and responsibility and updating the database. There could be more areas where our volunteers and interns could play vital role directly or indirectly in the project.

There are also financial institutions helping small business, microfinance, fundraising, women empowerment, etc.

Microfinance project in Kathmandu

Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal is major economic zone in Nepal and only one gateway to Nepal via air route, being a economic zone Kathmandu is mixed of traditional and modern way of lifestyle.

The tourist Mecca of Nepal Thamel is located at the heart of the city which sometimes reminds the foreigner home away from home. The best western restaurants bars offers food around the world. Every restaurant and cafe provides free WIFI, making it a quite good spot to stay connected with friends and families.

Listed with seven UNESCO world heritage site and made of three different districts Kathmandu has number of temples monasteries and lamasteries in each alley, courtyard and top of the hills. Situated at the height of 1300meters Kathmandu is valley surrounded by hills and provides excellent views of sunrise, sunset and chains of mountains.

Women’s Microfinance Project Cooperative

Mahila Urja Multipurpose Cooperative was established in the year 1999AD by group of 32 women.
Till 2014 it now has 1000 plus members .The head office of Mahila Urja is centrally located at Bag durbar Kathmandu easy accessible by public transport.

The cooperative was formed to empower women by promoting habit of saving thus the saved amount could use as an extra income by an interest every month or providing loans for those women who would like to start their own businesses. Over the years Mahila Urja not only provides the saving interest or loans to the women, it now runs the various income generating activities for the women.

It runs sewing, knitting, cattle farming training camps for the women to empower marginalized and uneducated women.

Typical Duties of Microfinance Interns and Volunteers

• helping in policy making
• fund raising
• Proposal writing
• Door to Door program
• awareness campaign
• data collection
• record keeping
• capacity building training and
• report writing.


• CV/Resume and Clear Passport Scan
• Easy going
• Team player
• Positive attitude
• Willing to help
• Minimum two weeks
• Native English speaker preferred


Economics or finance background
Duration of 1 month or more
Native English Speaker

Working Hours

Participants will be working from Sunday to Friday from 10am to 5pm. Saturday is the official weekend off here in Nepal. If participants would like to take day off on Sundays it is possible to do so.
The lunch break will be 1 to 2 pm.


Home stay will be near project location with Nepalese family two meals during office days and 3 meals during off days will be provided at the home-stay. During office days one can carry lunch box from home-stay or choose to eat out at their own expense.
Home-stay is an excellent way to experience the culture first hand and see the world through the eyes of another culture. Our home-stay families are carefully selected to provide you a welcoming home away from home.

What to Bring

Formal clothing
Data storage devices

Official Holidays

Nepal still follows its own calendar which is 57 years ahead than English calendar. Nepali New year falls on 14th of April. Nepal is well known for its number of festival that occurs every year on different days. So, please expect occasional holidays and day off in such days at your work place.
• Nepal New Year
• Democracy Day
• Labor Day
• Lord Buddha’s Birthday
• May Republic Day
• Janai Purnima
• Cow Festival( Public Holiday only in Kathmandu Valley)
• Lord Krishna Birthday
• Gaura Festival
• Indra jatra
• Ghatasthapana
• Fulpati
• Mahaasthami
• Nawami
• Bijaya Dashami
• Kojagrat Purnima
• Deepawali
• Gowardhan Pooja
• Bhai tika
• Christmas Day
• Tamu Losar
• Sonam Losar
• Martyr’s Day
• Shivaratri
• Gyalmo Losar
• Democracy Day
• Color Festival
• Womens day
• Ghode Jatra