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Women’s Empowerment in Nepal

Since Nepal is male dominated society, women are still treated as a birth machine and a house wife who does daily chorus and has less input on decision making process at home or local government bodies. Physical abuse or women’s rights were nowhere in the sight few years back. However, things are changing now slowly because of the input made by many women empowerment organizations.

Amazingly now there must be 33% seats allocated for women in parliament and participation of women are always appreciated in decision making level. All this was not possible without the help of women’s organizations who are working for women rights. Typical duties may include:

  • educating women for economic independence
  • creating a platform for self sustainable programs by giving knitting or sewing training to those unemployed women
  • counseling and giving legal support to women in need
  • fighting against physical and mental abuse
  • creating awareness programs for victims of human trafficking
  • raising awareness for the election purpose

The organizations are always taking a step forward to empower women in any ways possible. Even though things are getting better, there are still lots of room to improve and empower women in many parts of Nepal. Many organizations’ goal is to create gender equality by empowering women through education and economic independence, with the hope of raising their political and social positions.