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Volunteer Abroad in Africa

Africa is without a doubt one of the world’s most adventurous and exotic destinations. At the same time, Africa is the continent in desperate need of international volunteers’ help. Regular tours to Africa are priced very high due to the underdevelopment of the local tourism industry. These regular tours are usually focused on pure tourism sites and do not provide much opportunity for you to learn the culture as an “insider” or to make a difference to the people’s lives. Africa is a great volunteer abroad destination as it provides lots of opportunities for you to contribute your skills and your friendliness to warm the hearts of the local people and give them hope to fight for a better future.

Imagine yourself waking up in Kenya for meaningful volunteer works or for a weekend safari trip to see awesome migration of a million wildebeest. It is a truly authentic African experience when you can see wild monkeys outside of your apartment window and see the smiles you have brought on the local children’s faces. Volunteering abroad in Africa gives you a true adventure combined with a meaningful personal growth experience.

We have exciting volunteer abroad opportunities at the following locations in Africa: