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Volunteer Abroad in Asia

Asia is home to the birth of the human species and civilization. Asia is a spiritual place infused with the gods of past and present. Architectural wonders and sacred spaces abound from the Great Wall of China to lesser known marvels in Nepal. Asia has the greatest population, largest size, and largest variety of climates and landscapes of all continents in the entire world.

Developing countries in Asia share many characteristics in common: large population, low per capita income, and resource scarcity on a per capita basis. Volunteers from all over the world are greatly welcomed to contribute their skills and enthusiasm to make a positive difference in Asia. Volunteering abroad in Asia provide great opportunities for you to see Asia while making a difference and to learn the local culture in depth.

Imagine yourself teaching English in a monastery or doing an international journalism internship in Nepal. It is a true Asian experience when you can work with the locals while planning a weekend trip exploring the Forbidden city.

We have exciting volunteer abroad opportunities at the following locations in Asia: