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Description of Healthcare Works

  • Medical Placements
    • Medical Doctor
    • Registered Nurse
    • Practical Nurse
  • Assisting Health Professionals
    • Administration of health services
    • Updating records
    • Providing mental support for patients
    • Reducing anxiety for patients
    • Patient Care
    • Possible opportunities to take vital signs, remove stitches, give vaccinations, clean wounds, give injections or IV, give medicines

The healthcare programs are available in hospitals, clinics and Social Centers working with orphans, abused children/adults, and children with learning/physical disabilities. The work that you will be given will depend on your capability, education, skill levels, local language skills, and desires, they might do a combination of different tasks.

If you have relevant qualification and certificate, you can take medical placements (such as doctor or nurse positions). If you don’t have such skills but hope to help in this area, you can assist health professionals either directly or indirectly. You can help with administration, updating records, patient care, providing mental support and reducing anxiety for patients. The volunteers will be working under the guidance of local doctors/nurses. They might do the following works: patient care, take vital signs, remove stitches, give vaccinations, clean wounds, give injections or IV, give medicines, etc.

The Helpfulness

Hospitals and clinics serving low-income communities are usually well understaffed. Your help in this area will be traumatic. The goal is to improve healthcare services for the most needy. The effect on the needy by the volunteers will be tremendous as the low-income patients are more likely to feel neglected by the society. Your help can significantly improve the well being of the local community.

Learning Opportunities

It is an excellent opportunity to learn and experience how healthcare is practiced in another country. It will increase your understanding of medical practice at the same time of helping these who are desperately in need. It is an excellent international learning ground for these who study/work in the healthcare field.

Think About

The success of your internship or volunteer experience is dependent upon you and what you want out of it. A proactive attitude and a willingness to help are essentials in making the most of your time spent as a volunteer or intern abroad.

If you are a premedical student, your opportunity to do hands on work with the patients is more limited but some doctors will show you how to conduct routine examinations as well as signs and symptoms to look for in emergency patients. It really depends on your attitude with the doctors and how much they like you. The more interest you show in them and the hospital/clinic, the more interest they will show in you and your learning. This is a great opportunity to learn about the people working in the hospital and their various backgrounds. The more friends you make (Nurses, doctors, or medical assistants), the more opportunity to learn and observe from various procedures that they notify you about.