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Description of HIV/AIDS Work

  • HIV/AIDS Testing
  • HIV/AIDS Counselling
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Caring for the HIV Infected
  • Conducting HIV lessons

We partner with organizations which have programs that alleviate the lives of those affected and infected by the HIV/AIDS disease. Our partners are mainly community based organizations, faith based organizations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. The volunteers who work in our programs don’t need to have any qualification but the eager to help others. Our volunteers will work with the partner organizations in providing duties such as HIV/AIDS testing/counseling, awareness campaigns, caring for the HIV Infected, and conducting HIV lessons.

The Helpfulness

HIV/AIDS is a serious disease that affects many of the world’s population. These who are the most affected are normally in third world countries and developing countries. The HIV work placement is set to help these people in need.

By providing them with health care, education, income generating programs and rehabilitation, we will end up having more independent, healthier, happier and stronger citizens. We can prevent the spread of the virus through awareness campaigns. Also, we can reduce the HIV stigma and discrimination in the society.

Learning Opportunities

While you are doing HIV related work, you often find yourself learning both medical and social/psychological facts. It is an excellent learning opportunity especially for these who work in the HIV/healthcare field or like to improve their skills of conducting social lessons/campaigns.