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Description of Journalism Works

  • Reporting
  • Interviewing
  • Working as Photographer
  • Working as Editor or Assistant Editor
  • Proof Reading

The journalism placements for international volunteers and interns are available in local media house, radio station, or newspaper/magazine agency. We place our interns with well established agencies where they can be involved in reporting, article writing, interviewing, etc. You will need to have honesty and a strong interest to work in journalism.

The Helpfulness

The goal is to deliver quality news to better serve the public interest. Public-interest topics include sustainable development, education and health throughout the region. Local journalists in the developing world take extraordinary risks to expose corruption and injustice in their countries, and they rarely earn enough money to support themselves and their families. With very few resources, the local reporters are faced with dangerous environments. It is important to help and acknowledge the contributions of journalists and reporters living and working in the developing world and countries in transition. Throughout the world, countries struggle to promote social, economic and political change. In each of these places, it is often the work of local journalists that brings these struggles to attention. Through such attention, those searching for a better life for their communities draw allies and supporters into a dialogue that can make an important difference in these countries.

Learning Opportunities

There are great learning opportunities working in international journalism. You can learn to report accurately and objectively on social and political challenges around the globe. It can prepare you for an exciting and out-of-ordinary career.