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Description of Teaching Works

  • Teaching Children
  • Tutoring Help
  • Teaching English
  • Sharing Your Skills
  • Sports Education
  • Special Education

The teaching placements are available in schools, learning centers, and orphanages. You can help with teaching children, teaching English, sharing your skills, sports education, and special education. You don’t need any special qualification other than a high school qualification. The students generally are either 5-19 years (in primary and secondary schools) or over 19 years old (in adult learning centers). Sports education placement is good for these who like to teach but do not want to spend all the time in the classroom.

The Helpfulness

Education is the tool for people to change their future to the better. It also helps the nation to have well-educated citizens as they will be better decision makers and better voters. It gives the local people a better chance to make a difference for themselves and for their society. Your help is highly valuable and appreciated as public schools and learning centers are significantly understaffed and poorly funded. Sports education is also very helpful as it is a good way to improve a multitude of skills like team spirit, social interaction, fair play, competitiveness, leadership, and healthy living.

Learning Opportunities

Learning how to teach effectively can be a very rewarding experience. Learning how to work with children is also an important skill in many professions. Those willing to teach can benefit by getting valuable teaching experience and it also develops their inter-cultural learning/sharing ability.