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Description of Tourism Work

  • Assisting at local tourism sites
  • Assisting local tour guides
  • Assisting at local restaurants and hotels

You will need to have a strong interest to work in tourism and be open-minded enough to work in a foreign country.

The Helpfulness

By doing international tourism work, you can help the local community with your ideas and contribute in the development in the local tourism industry. Many developing nations have under-developed tourism industry, which makes it harder for them to improve their economy and poverty situation. As a volunteer or intern, you can make your valuable contributions to the development of local tourism industry.

Learning Opportunities

This is a great opportunity for these interested in tourism work. You can take it as an internship to get some good practices at the same time of contributing your fresh ideas from your home country. This internship opportunity may be accepted by your university or college for co-op credits. It is exciting to see how tourism in another nation works and learn the local cultures at the same time.