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Cross-Continental Solutions Pushes the Boundaries of Affordable International Volunteer and Internship Programs

Cross-Continental Solutions is Recently Recognized as Having the Most Affordable Volunteer Abroad and Intern Abroad Programs in the Industry. Their Mission is to Make Extraordinary International Volunteer Experiences Universally Accessible.

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) October 15, 2012—Cross-Continental Solutions is truly making a difference by offering some of the most affordable and unique programs in the international volunteer industry. Their volunteer abroad and intern abroad programs have recently served many participants with very different goals; from students taking co-op credits or earning volunteer hours, to gap year travelers and cultural adventurers.

Reaching out to students and budget-wary travelers alike, Cross-Continental Solutions fills a need previously overlooked by most international volunteer organizations. For years, the industry has been plagued by a reputation for high fees and limited program flexibility, often deterring many would-be volunteers. Cross-Continental Solutions aims to change that view, by offering some of the lowest prices in the industry, while maintaining program quality and safety. This is no easy feat, but this organization remains steadfast in its intentions, creating great joy among prospective travelers.

“Cross-Continental gave me a great experience abroad”, stated Mireille Blond from the U.S., an international volunteer in Latin America. “They organized a perfect living arrangement for me with a sweet, welcoming local family, who helped me learn Spanish. I taught an exercise class to the elderly and made them really happy since they don’t get many visitors. Cross-Continental supported me throughout my program to make sure everything was going well. I highly recommend the program, since it is very affordable and safe”.

In order to better facilitate this learning experience, Cross-Continental has recently partnered with several colleges and universities to help students with award applications, fundraising, and international co-op work arrangements. Megan Richardson, the volunteer program coordinator at Langara College, said, “Thank you for going above and beyond for our students. Your amazing customer service, flexibility, and timely responses were greatly appreciated!”

Cross-Continental Solutions provides a socially responsible experience, where travelers aren’t simply learning about another culture, they’re living it. Jeremiah Humphrey from Canada, a healthcare volunteer in Africa, shared his impression of the organization’s dedication to providing a relevant experience. He said, “I am incredibly happy with my experience provided through Cross-Continental. My goal was to experience the uncensored truth of life in a developing country and I certainly got that. I highly recommend the services of Cross-Continental Solutions to anyone looking to volunteer abroad. In my experience they are far and above the most affordable and attentive service provider available today. During my time in Africa I was provided with an incredible level of support. I could not be happier with the results of the volunteer placement that was made available to me!”

The unique programs are designed to help the local communities, while at the same time providing a valuable cultural learning experience to the volunteers and interns. Cross-Continental Solutions works as the mediator between the volunteer and the chosen placement, creating an experience that is tailored to the specific needs of the individual. As reported by Anouk Jans from the Netherlands, an intern who specifically asked for a long term wildlife project in rural Ghana, this personalization can be central to a successful trip. “I want to thank Cross-Continental for the great experience I had in Ghana. It is really something I will never forget.”

While the idea of providing international aid often conjures up images of disaster relief and caring for orphans, there are a number of different service areas available for those seeking international internships or looking to volunteer abroad. Covering a wide range of needs, opportunities are available in areas such as: Teaching, Healthcare, Community Work, Business Coaching, HIV work, Care-giving, Orphanage Work, Journalism, Photography, Wildlife, Agriculture, Environmental, Tourism work, and Marketing. There are also cultural education and language immersion programs. For a complete program list, or further details, visit www.CrossContinental.org.

About Cross-Continental Solutions:

Founded March 2010, Cross-Continental Solutions’ head office is located in Canada and caters to clients all over the world. The organization is dedicated to providing flexible and affordable volunteer abroad and intern abroad programs, ensuring an exceptional cross-cultural experience for those who wish to make a difference. Explore the options or plan a life-changing trip at CrossContinental.org. For pictures of past volunteers and interns, visit their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/crosscontinental. To watch their videos and video testimonials, visit their YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/ccsorg. To follow them on Twitter, go to http://twitter.com/ccsiorg.

Published on Oct. 16th 2012 at: http://www.prweb.com/releases/CrossContinental/VolunteerAbroad/prweb10014363.htm