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Volunteers Transform Themselves and Their Resumes with Medical Volunteer Placements Abroad

International Medical Volunteer Opportunities through CrossContinental.org Help People Add to Their Experience and Build a Strong Global Network.

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When it comes to volunteering abroad, not many people end up doing so. One reason might be that they feel the associated costs will be too high. However, there are affordable programs to be had such as those provided by CrossContinental.org, volunteers can have the volunteer abroad experience at minimal cost. One such volunteer named Uzma Aishah, a student at the International Medical University in Malaysia, recently went to China as a medical volunteer where she worked closely with doctors at a local hospital. In the attached video (http://youtu.be/m420hdj0lw0), Uzma talks about her experience abroad.

While the healthcare system in China is improving, volunteers are still very much appreciated. Uzma remained in China for two weeks during which time she gained hands-on medical experience and was able to develop a deeper cross-cultural understanding.

Concerning her experience, Uzma states, “Even though I was there for only two weeks, I definitely learnt a lot and there was never a dull moment. Volunteering at the Wanquan Hospital has taught me a lot and inspired me so much. Dr Liu is an amazing doctor and he was so kind to me. The other students/colleagues there were so friendly and helpful. We’ve really bonded and I’m glad I got to meet those kind hearted people.”

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Additionally, she states that communication between the doctors and herself was made easier with the help of a translation app, which helped make sure she understood the patients’ conditions better. Her host family there was also extremely humble and kind, taking her for outings and walks whenever they had the chance. She states that everyone there was nice and kind and at no point did she feel intimidated by the environment. Uzma even had great things to say about the food.

Volunteering abroad not only helps one develop better cultural understanding, but it also helps volunteers increase their global network. A good and comprehensive global network is great when it comes to doing wonders in the medical field.

The overall feedback that she gave about her medical volunteer trip was this: “Overall, my experience volunteering in Zhangjiakou was truly amazing. I cherished every moment I was there. It was a meaningful and memorable time. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to experience something different and to step out of their comfort zone.” She continues, “Travelling and volunteering through Cross Continental has made me feel more appreciative and inspired towards the Chinese culture. Experiences like these definitely contribute to my personal growth as an individual and it helps me to become more independent and responsible. There’s a good quote from Lailah Gifty Akita that I can relate to – Appreciation for cultural diversity is essential for our co-existence.”

Uzma received nothing but positive vibes from her experience and the best part is that her overall expenditure was extremely affordable, so this once in a lifetime experience didn’t cost her an arm and a leg.

international internships Asia China 145 Uzma medical volunteer abroad

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