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A Traditional Chinese New Year Experience with a Host Family in China

CrossContinental.org Recently Sent Volunteer Vacationers for Special Cultural Expeditions in China, Allowing Them to Gain Work Experience while Spending the Lunar New Year with Chinese Host Families.

Volunteer abroad and cultural expedition programs are gaining popularity with people who crave a deeper cross-cultural understanding while travelling. The opportunity to experience the Chinese New Year with a host family in China creates memories that will be cherished for life. CrossContinental.org has recently sent volunteer travelers to China to gain work experience and learn about a rich culture with a Chinese host family.

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival in China, is the most important traditional festival in the Chinese calendar. The 2014 Chinese New Year’s day is January 31 and will be the year of the horse. It is universally celebrated amongst Chinese families with many traditional cultural activities, including making dumplings, firework displays, and dragon and lion dancing. Most Chinese families stay up all night for the celebration. This is an experience of a lifetime for cultural adventurers.

Volunteer traveller Matthew De Corrado from Australia is celebrating Chinese New Year with a welcoming host family in China. Matthew joined the program with the purpose of practicing Mandarin, making a difference, gaining international work experience, and acquiring a deeper cultural understanding of China. There is no better way of achieving this goal other than by joining an international volunteer program in China. While doing a short term teaching project, Matthew had the opportunity to live with a Chinese host family who were constantly sharing their way of life with him.

While bonding with the welcoming host family and exciting children in China, Matthew has improved his Mandarin and deepened his understanding for China as a whole. His project in China involves teaching English as well as sports education. As shown in the attached video (http://youtu.be/_S5kaMeounQ), Matthew and another international volunteer Aaron Barnes from New York report and showcase their first hand experience abroad.

The Chinese New Year night is full of wonders and truly a magical time to anyone who is lucky enough to experience it first-hand. Traditional Chinese families spent the night making dumplings, lighting fireworks, and playing games among other activities. Matthew is experiencing it exactly the same way a real Chinese family does.

Matthew says, “I searched everywhere for a volunteer agency that fit my criteria, and CrossContinental ticked all the boxes. CrossContinental has the flexibility which the other [organizations] don’t have, its pricing is not a barrier to entry which is important to me as a university student, and its programs are meaningful.”

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About Cross-Continental Solutions:

Cross-Continental Solutions provides affordable yet flexible volunteer abroad, intern abroad, cultural immersion, language study, and gap year programs. A large variety of work placement options are available such as: Teaching, Healthcare, Community Development, Business Coaching, HIV work, Care-giving, Orphanage Work, Journalism, Photography, Wildlife, Agriculture, Environmental Protection, Microfinance, Tourism, Marketing, and more. Programs are available at many locations around the world, including Africa, Asia, and Latin America. By living and working side by side with locals, participants gain an exceptional cross-cultural experience and the opportunity to truly make a difference. For more details, visit CrossContinental.org.