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CrossContinental Relief Fund for Nepal Improves the Lives of Earthquake Victims

CrossContinental Has Recently Uploaded Picture Albums and Videos Showing How the Cross-Continental Earthquake Relief Fund Has Helped Local Communities in Nepal.

Nepal has been a favorite destination for CrossContinental volunteer from the moment the organization was founded to offer cross-cultural educational programs. When the powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated the country of Nepal in 2015, past volunteers helped create the CrossContinental relief fund for Nepal. Since then, both short term and long term relief efforts have been made to improve the lives of the local Nepali people. CrossContinental has recently uploaded some picture albums and videos showing how the relief fund has impacted the local people’s lives.

– A Favorite Destination for International Volunteers

As a favored volunteer abroad destination, the partner schools, orphanages, microfinance groups, and hospitals in Nepal have welcomed international volunteers and interns with open arms. The local host families have treated the cultural immersion participants as one of their own. International volunteers and interns, regardless of nationality, have greatly enjoyed their stay in this breathtaking country with its rich culture and friendly people.

– The CrossContinental Relief Fund for Nepal

On April 25th of 2015, CrossContinental’s head office in Canada received the terrible news that the beautiful mountain nation of Nepal was hit by a powerful and deadly earthquake. After a flurry of urgent phone calls, they were relieved to hear that no staff members or international volunteers in Nepal were injured in the quake, but realized that many people from Kathmandu were not nearly so lucky, being dead, injured, or left homeless. Many temples and architectural treasures were severely damaged. People were sleeping in tents and in desperately need of shelter, clean water, and food.

Many past international volunteers and interns have asked CrossContinental what they could do to help or donate.

When past international volunteer Spencer Green reached out to CrossContinental, he asked “I’m looking into making a crowdfuning campaign and sending it around. but if I can’t send the money, it won’t be worth it. Please let me know if there is a way.” This is just one of many inquiries CrossContinental received from it past volunteers.

It is heart warming to know that so many past volunteers are thinking of their host families, projects, and locals that welcomed CrossContinental volunteers as one of their own. The head office team also raised money. They knew that every little bit helps.

Past CrossContinental volunteer Leah Merigian describes why she chose to donate through CrossContinental. “I used your name because I want to send the money through cross continental solutions to get to Nepal.” She says. “I know you [CrossContinental] will get it to the place it needs to be!”

Leah continues, “Thank you for keeping Nepal in your prayers. This devastation is going to take time to heal and lots of time. But what is important to focus on now is donating to send aid for the victims. I am going to send every single fund that I raise to Cross Continental Solutions, because even from across the world I trusted Jenn [my CrossContinental international coordinator] with my life. She and her team in Nepal are going to use the funds for immediate relief products.”

– The Impact of the Relief Fund in Nepal

Unlike some non-profit fund-raising organizations that have big overhead costs and administrative spending, the head office at CrossContinental sent every penny they received to Nepal and did not collect any administrative fees for the effort of communicating, collecting and sending the donations to Nepal. They helped with pleasure and kept clear records of donations received and the transfer receipts to Nepal. The local organizations who received the relief funds organized public events so that the local people could see how the donations were being used. Funds were used to provide clean drinking water, a temporary learning center for children, and library for local communities.

Through the generous donations of past volunteers, the CrossContintal relief fund was able to construct a temporary learning center (TLC) at a severely damaged school, provide uniforms for students who had lost everything in the quake, and provide much needed medical treatment to a young girl who had her leg crushed by falling debris.

The earthquake caused many water sources to become polluted or run dry, so the relief fund helped the local community install two water filtration systems that delivered clean drinking water to over 400 students and 29 households.

In the attached video (https://youtu.be/BhnrgVVHicc) and pictures, the local communities express their appreciation.

The local Nepali communities greatly appreciate all the help they received from everyone who donated. Special thanks to the two biggest fundraisers: Spencer Green from Canada and Leah Merigian from the USA. They each raised approximately $2000 USD. With the help of CrossContinental, they both got to talk directly with the communities that they visited, and got to have direct input in deciding how the funds were to be allocated to help rebuild the communities.

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