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Dentistry Internships Abroad Help Shape the Future of Aspiring Dental Students

Dental Student from Australia Recently Returns from Nepal and Shares Their  Intern Abroad Experience through CrossContinental.org.

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Recent University of Sydney graduate, Ebony Eyles wanted a chance to gain knowledge in her preferred field of study. When she came across CrossContinental.org’s dental internships abroad, she knew that she could not let this opportunity slip away.

In the attached video (https://youtu.be/a9xhue9KNiA), Ebony talks about her experience and showcases the dental project at the hospital abroad.

international internships and volunteer abroad Asia Nepal 181 dental projects abroad

-Dentistry in a Different Part of the World

Since Ebony’s long-term goal is to become a dentist, she felt that experiencing dentistry in a different environment could help empower her to achieve her dreams. “During my stay I learned lots about Nepali culture as well as lots of dental stuff that I can take home with me as I aspire towards a career in dentistry,” explains Ebony, now at home after spending two weeks in Kathmandu, Nepal.

International internships take individuals to exotic locations to experience life like the locals while acquiring essential tools related to their field. Dentistry internships abroad provide them with a unique opportunity to gain hands-on skills and return with profound knowledge in the field of dentistry. In Nepal, Ebony worked at a local hospital, assisting dentists with a variety of dental procedures.

Ebony explains, “I’ve learned a lot. Lots of stuff I can take home with me and share my experience with my family and all the people I will be studying with to become a dentist.” Ebony gained invaluable hands-on experience as she has shadowed doctors, learning their daily patterns, and learned different dental procedures practiced in her host country.

international internships and volunteer abroad Asia Nepal 184 dental volunteer with host

-Host Family, Local Coordinators, and Local Dentists

The aspiring future dentist, worked from 10 am till 5 pm from Sunday to Friday and looked after patients who came from all over Kathmandu, a feat made possible due to the hospital’s central location. When her shift ended each day, she went back to live with her host family and Ebony had only positive things to say about her host family. She happily reports, “My host family has been excellent, feeding me in the morning and at night time.”

She explains, “Nepali cultural integration was somewhat difficult to begin with because I am not very used to this lifestyle, but I very much enjoyed it. The toilets are very different, but it’s kind of good to get out of my comfort zone.” Adding, “Nepali culture is very interesting and I love it here.”

Apart from the praise she has for her host family, Ebony also had some kind words to say about the other people she encountered during her dentistry internship abroad, “Everyone was very helpful including the host family, coordinators, and the dentists that I worked for. It was organized very well considering I booked very last minute.” Cross-Continental Solutions helped students like Ebony realize their dreams.
Dental projects abroad help prepare future dentists for dental school and later on in their professional career. Many aspiring students find it exceptionally rewarding to seek learning opportunities outside of their comfort zone.

When asked about her overall experience in Nepal, Ebony said, “I’m very happy! The most rewarding part would be having had the opportunity to attempt some dental procedures by myself.”

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international internships and volunteer abroad Asia Nepal 183 dental volunteer abroad

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