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Empowering Women through Internships Abroad: A Chance to Make a Difference

An Intern from the United States Reports Having a Fulfilling Experience while Participating in a Women’s Empowerment Internship in Nepal through CrossContinental.org.

Many developing nations are still male dominated, with women often being treated as second class citizens, with less input in any decision making process. Abuse is common as well. Fortunately, women’s rights are rapidly improving in some areas due to the effort of women’s empowerment projects worldwide. To show their support, CrossContinental has partnered with local Nepali groups who have risen up to empower local women residing in the greater Khatmandu Valley and beyond. The purpose of this project is to make sure that capable women are given the necessary support to stand up for themselves and make constructive decisions.

Recently, one of CrossContinental’s international interns named Jennifer Elkins from the USA went on a 4 month volunteer internship supporting women’s empowerment. Her experience was great. In the attached video (http://youtu.be/wdTXPNfuO_g), Jennifer talks about her experience abroad.

The Support Network through CrossContinental

In her final feedback, Jennifer states that, “I’ve been so pleased with the services provided to me by CrossContinental. The local coordinators’ services were fantastic and so was my host family. They always allowed me privacy when I wanted it but also shared their home and friendship with me and always made me feel like I am welcome there. The work placement was perfect. I have absolutely fallen in love with Kathmandu and Nepal in general.”

The Training Provided by the Women’s Empowerment Project

The training provided by the women’s empowerment group was extensive, focusing on key areas and training activities that could help enhance the skills and level of expertise of at risk women. Two examples include Gender & Justice training and Micro Enterprise Training.
Apart from this project, there are many other local projects helping empower women in the region. These groups feel that when sufficient effort is focused toward the empowerment of women, these women may stop relying on others and start taking concrete steps towards their own wellbeing. Jennifer was especially happy to have gotten a chance to work on this women’s empowerment project abroad.

Women’s Empowerment Internships with CrossContinental.org

Speaking about her international internship experience with Cross Continental, Jennifer states that, “The main reason I picked Cross Continental was because of the low prices, and you get a lot for what you pay. I was provided with an excellent and fun host family where I was also given delicious food at every meal. My work placement was all arranged for me and it was exactly the field I requested. There was never a moment when I felt nervous or overwhelmed because the in-country staff made me feel so welcome and answered all of my questions.” She continues, “The cultural experience is a story in itself. Coming to Nepal was the best decision I could have made and I’ve found the Nepalese people to be some of the kindest and most generous people I’ve ever met.”

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