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Teaching Abroad: an Extraordinary Experience for High School Volunteers

Two High School Students Recently Volunteered through CrossContinental.org to Teach Children and Gain a Unique Cultural Experience in South America.

High School Volunteer Abroad Programs

Volunteering abroad provides abundant opportunities to gain unique cultural insights and appreciation, while at the same time contributing to the global community. Even though international volunteer opportunities are often limited for high school students, many still long for such adventures. Two students in particular, Taiwanese American Caroline Lee and her cousin Justin Chen, yearned to make a difference abroad and selected a teaching project in Ecuador through CrossContinental.org to make their dream a reality.

High School Volunteer Abroad Project

Caroline and Justin’s main responsibilities at the school in Ecuador included assisting teachers with coursework in the varying subjects that they felt comfortable with. When teaching young children, it is important for international volunteers to be creative and provide interesting lectures with games, as  children may loss interest very fast if the lessons are boring. The locals in Ecuador know very little English, and even English teachers don’t know the language very well. Therefore, foreign volunteers can make a substantial difference by sharing their knowledge of the English language.

The friendliness of the children they taught and the teachers they assisted was the top remark made by Caroline and Justin. They said, “The children and teachers at the school were extremely friendly.”

Local Support through Coordinators and Host Families

Caroline defines her time in Ecuador as a “unique cultural experience”. Speaking of the local support through CrossContinental, Caroline said, “I was very satisfied with the services. The local coordinator was extremely patient and kind.” Their host families in Ecuador were also very patient, kind, and understanding, which made it easy to communicate despite the language barrier. Caroline said, “The host families were very kind as they treated me as one of their own in addition to being patient to my not speaking Spanish.”

Volunteers Abroad with Local Host Families

Cultural Experience through CrossContinental.org

Caroline states that she has been very happy with her volunteer abroad experience through CrossContinental.org as she found it highly rewarding as she learned about the culture of Ecuador. The experience taught her how to be independent and appreciative.

Summarizing her overall experience volunteering in Ecuador, Caroline exclaims her satisfaction by stating, “It has been a pleasure working with CrossContinental as the local coordinators were responsible and easy to reach.” She further added, “I find the quality of the unique cultural experience to be exceptional. I would highly recommend CrossContinental to others.”

Access valuable resources or plan a life-changing trip at https://www.CrossContinental.org. See more programs and information in the attached video (https://youtu.be/4YgkrLF3FZE).

About CrossContinental.org:

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Teaching Projects Abroad

Beautiful Volunteer Abroad Location: Beach Town in Ecuador