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College Student Gains Valuable Experience through International Journalism Internship

European College Student Travels to South America to Complete International Journalism Internship through CrossContinental.org.

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International internships provide excellent opportunities to put classroom knowledge into practice, a fact to which a recent Cross-Continental journalism intern in South America can attest. Clara Giron, a native of Spain and currently attending college in London, recently traveled to Ecuador for an international internship at a major local newspaper. Clara’s duties during her journalism internship abroad included gathering information, taking pictures, conducting interviews, and writing news articles. She learned a great deal while working there and got to know a lot about the local culture as well.

She also had many great things to say about her host families, particularly how much fun she had with them. Regarding her experience, Clara states, “I had a great experience in Ecuador thanks to the local coordinator´s services and my host families. Both families I was with taught me a lot about the local culture and I deeply enjoyed my stay with them. I also very much enjoyed my [work] placement as I was able to learn a lot from my colleagues who were always willing to help me with my tasks.”

Clara goes on to state  that she found the entire experience to be extremely rewarding, but she was most taken with the cultural immersion aspects of the trip. Throughout her time in Ecuador, she became extremely close with her host families and emphasizes how helpful they have been, especially when it came to her adjustment there.

In her final feedback, she spoke of the organization that arranged the intern abroad experience for her, “I highly recommend this organization to others. Cross Continental allowed me to have an incredible work experience abroad. There was great support which I could rely on if I ever had any questions or problems in Ecuador. Everybody was willing to help and always easily contactable. I was very lucky with the host families I lived with, both were very warm and made it very easy to feel at home and to be able to have a unique cultural experience.” She continues, “I also deeply enjoyed my work placement as I was given many interesting tasks and learned a lot about the journalism sector.”

International internships not only help many college students get required internship credits and valuable work experience but also help improve cross-cultural understanding through deep cultural immersion.

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