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Medical Internships Abroad: a Competitive Advantage for Pre-Med Students

International Medical Internships through CrossContinental.org Help Pre-Med Students Gain Hands-On Experience as well as Memories That Will Be Treasured for a Lifetime. A Pre-Med Student Recently Reports on the Benefits of Such Internships Abroad.

international internships Latin America Ecuador Zofia medical internships abroad

international internships. volunteer abroad. intern abroad -Latin America-Ecuador-144-Zofia-medical internships abroad

international internships volunteer abroad Latin America Ecuador Zofia medical internships abroad

For students interested in the field of medicine, internship opportunities can be hard to come by in North America. Consequently, many students are considering medical internships abroad to gain hands-on experience, on-the-job training, and a valuable addition to their CV. One such intern recently returned home from their time abroad and reports on the benefits of international medical internships through CrossContinental.org.

The aspiring candidate Zofia Prus-Czarnecka, a pre-med student from the University of Alberta, was given the opportunity to participate in a 6 week international medical internship in Ecuador. The hospital at which the student would volunteer employed 15 doctors and housed several important departments including emergency, paediatrics, internal medicine, radiology, surgery, obstetrics, and laboratory work. It is a fantastic opportunity for any intern to work side by side with doctors and nurses, gaining practical experience and knowledge that will help them later on in their careers and medical school applications.

Medical interns’ typical duties include taking vitals, removing stitches, doing minor suturing, record keeping, administering shots and vaccinations, applying an IV, assisting in childbirth and operations, and so forth. Carrying out these procedures can be of crucial importance to an aspiring med-student as opportunities to perform such tasks are few and far between.

Zofia was filled with excitement upon returning from her time abroad and she will absolutely recommend the program to others; “Throughout your trip, local CrossContinental coordinators will ensure that you settle in and have everything that you need. Although I was nervous about my trip to Ecuador at first, after 6 weeks of living with a host family, working at a local hospital and being fully immersed in the culture, I was sad to leave.”

It goes without saying that aspiring new minds in the medical field are the future of this sector. Medical internships abroad provide these future doctors with practical skills and hands-on experience that will give them a competitive advantage in their challenges ahead.

Furthermore, host family accommodation further enhances this once in a lifetime experience by adding deep cultural immersion and opportunities for second language development. Zofia shares “My various host families were extremely nice and welcoming. They were patient and helped me learn Spanish. Elizabeth [the host sister] and her parents took great care of me – and even accompanied me to Guayaquil so that I would be safe.”

Speaking of the organization CrossContinental.org, their affordability and flexibility are certainly highlighted; “Cross Continental offers an incredibly affordable program for volunteering abroad. As a university student on a tight budget, I found their prices and flexibility very appealing.” She continues, “Thanks to the flexible schedule of Cross Continental’s programs, I was able to make the most of my trip and travel on weekends to nearby cities and attractions.”

The intern summarized, “Overall I was happy with my experience. The most rewarding part was learning Spanish and getting immersed in a new culture.”

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