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Pre-Med Students Gain Invaluable Experience from Medical Internships Abroad

University Students Return Triumphant from a Summer Interning in China.

On-the-job experience and volunteer hours make one stand out amongst the fierce competition for medical school or other graduate programs. Sadly, internship opportunities in hospitals are very limited in North America. However, pre-med university students Mika White and Tate Besougloff were able to find hands-on technical training in an actual hospital on their summer medical project abroad.

Medical internships and volunteer programs organized by CrossContinental allow participants to work closely with hospital staff and truly experience the healthcare system in other parts of the world. Hailing from Boston, USA, Mika White joined the summer abroad program for 2 months to acquire work experience and volunteer hours. Upon returning, she shared, “The hospital was a great place to get hands-on experience, and I was able to watch and do things that I would never have been able to in other cities and countries.”

In addition to watching surgical operations and assisting in childbirths, the students’ typical duties involved giving injections & IVs, administrating medicines, and practicing the traditional Chinese medicine treatments of acupuncture and fire cupping. In the attached video (http://youtu.be/ZZStozjHCjE), the interns were able to showcase some of the new things they learned while in the hospital abroad.

The interns were not only able to shadow and learn while working closely with the doctors, they interacted freely with the local medical students as well. Virginia local, Tate Besougloff recalls his medical internship in China saying, “The most rewarding experience was getting to know the Chinese medical students, who spoke English well enough to communicate on a slightly more advanced level than the doctors.”

Medical internships abroad offered by Cross-Continental stand out in the industry due to their flexibility, affordability, and uniqueness. The programs are designed to allow a unique and unforgettable cultural immersion experience.

Working on a medical project in a Chinese hospital, a few hours away from Beijing, it is a great opportunity to truly immerse oneself in the real China. Mika reported, “Volunteering in Zhangjiakou brought me to an underdeveloped part of real China, which was a great experience in terms of cultural exposure.”

In a media dominated world where one is only exposed to certain aspects of any given place, it is truly hard to develop a deep understanding about individuals living on the other side of the world. While most medical students in developed countries rarely seek to step outside their comfort zone, Tate and Mike were able to gain valuable medical experience that not only gives them an edge in their medical studies, but also awards them memories to last a lifetime.

Praising the efforts of the organization, Mika had this to say: “CrossContinental offers great programs in terms of flexibility – volunteers can pick their arrival and departure time, their wok duration, and take weekend trips during their stay. The hospital work placement is also extremely open, and the director of the hospital allows volunteers to select our own departments to work in, as well as easily move from department to department. ”

Having the satisfaction of providing assistance, while simultaneously gaining life altering experiences, are two of the most important things that international internships and volunteer abroad programs have to offer. Access free resources or plan a life-changing trip at http://www.CrossContinental.org.

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