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A Sustainable Solution to Alleviate Global Poverty: Microfinance Projects for International Volunteers and Interns

Recent Volunteers and Interns Abroad through Cross-Continental Solutions Provide Training and Financial Services to People in Poverty and Help Create a World Where Under-Served Communities Have Fair Access to Economic Opportunities.

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) February 13, 2013–As the old saying goes, “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime”. There are many ways to bring forth change in the world, but very few supply the sustainable impact of teaching people to help themselves. The microfinance industry is built on the idea that providing loans, insurance, and training to the world’s poor will improve both economic and social situations, offering a sustainable solution in alleviating global poverty. It has produced many great success stories over the last few decades. This work offers many opportunities for people to assist those who are less fortunate, while gaining hands on work experience at the same time. The financial incidentals, on the other hand, can often be eased by fundraising initiatives. The field of microfinance is providing an essential component in creating jobs and improving the livelihood of people worldwide.

International volunteers like Finland’s Paul Pehkonen, who recently completed a microfinance internship in Kenya, reported a truly fulfilling experience and helped restore financial balance to those struggling in the grip of poverty. Traveling with Cross-Continental Solutions, Paul soon learned that he has chosen the right program. He was very happy with the helpfulness of the local coordinator, the friendliness of the host family, the amount of work responsibility, and the unique cultural immersion experience abroad.

“From the first moment on, the local coordinator was very helpful and understanding. He provided me with good information and insights about the Kenyan culture and people.” Paul continues, “The host family I lived with during my stay was very welcoming and treated me very well at their home. To seriously experience the culture, it is extremely nice to live with a local family. I also spent Christmas, my birthday, and the New Year in Kenya, which was a totally new experience to me.”

The often inaccurate assumption that international internships and volunteer abroad projects are not very effective sometimes deters the people who are needed most. Paul Pehkonen’s experience paints a very different picture.

“During my time in Kenya, I had a lot of responsibility in regards to my work. Something I enjoyed very much. I organized a lot of speeches, and provided technical lectures regarding business, accounting, and finance for the local community groups I was working with. Additionally, I was able to initiate a program called ‘One Booklet Project’ with the local coordinator. The purpose of this project is to provide the local microfinance groups and their members knowledge about sustainable business, bookkeeping and budgeting.”

The experience was not only productive and valuable for the people of Kenya, it gave Paul a better appreciation for the importance of his work, and volunteering as a whole.

“Living abroad in a new culture gives you a lot of perspective, and more importantly, working with the local people who are in need of help is very rewarding. I can sincerely recommend doing a volunteer abroad program with Cross-Continental.”

Paul further reports the reasons why he chose Cross-Continental in the first place, “The volunteer programs and internships through Cross-Continental are well organized and are offered at relatively affordable fees. One of the reasons why I chose Cross-Continental is that I have a very busy schedule and they are able to provide very flexible start dates for the programs.” He continues, “I have been very happy with Cross-Continental from the first day onwards. Thanks especially for the quick replies to emails. Everything was organized in a good way overall: the pre-information about Kenya, guides, pick-up from the airport and checking up during the internship.”

Laying the groundwork for change is an essential part of creating any sustainable enterprise. Finding those people with a desire to further the lives of others is necessary to make these changes a reality. Microfinance is an important tool that can help create a world where under-served communities have fair access to economic opportunities. Paul Pehkonen, and volunteers like him, are using the tools they have to spurn others towards the hope to move beyond poverty. Explore the options or plan a life-changing trip at www.CrossContinental.org.

About Cross-Continental Solutions:

Cross-Continental Solutions provides quality yet affordable international internship and volunteer abroad programs, ensuring an exceptional cross-cultural experience for those who wish to make a difference. It is unique in that participants live and work side by side with the local people. Covering a wide range of needs, opportunities are available in areas such as: Teaching, Healthcare, Community Development, Business Coaching, HIV work, Care-giving, Orphanage Work, Journalism, Photography, Wildlife, Agriculture, Environmental, Micro-financing, Tourism, Marketing, and more. There are also cultural education, language immersion, and gap year programs. Programs are available at many locations around the world, including Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

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