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Dedicated Intern Enjoys Rewarding Cultural Experience at Asian Monastery through CrossContinental.org

American University Student Recently Had a Life Changing Internship at a Nepali Monastery Experiencing Eastern Philosophy and Buddhist Wisdom.

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Working abroad in a monastery offers a unique opportunity to learn and experience eastern philosophy as well as the Buddhist religion. American student, Sarah Dombrosky, had the chance to intern as a teacher at a Buddhist monastery in Nepal, the birthplace of Gautama Buddha. The opportunity made a big impact in the lives of the monks, who otherwise find it considerably difficult to access good education while residing in the monastery.

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International Internship Experience at Monastery in Nepal

Interns and volunteers typically teach English, Science, and Math up to 4 hours each day while also organizing a variety of extracurricular activities for the monks, including debates, drawing, dancing, and singing. Volunteers also get the chance to converse with the monks about human rights and world events. At times when there won’t be any classes for that day, interns can take part in worshiping events and gain some cultural insights into Buddhism and eastern philosophy.

Sarah herself shares that throughout her stay, each and every person she came across gave her nothing but kindness, compassion, and support. “From the time I got off the plane to the time I departed I experienced nothing but kindness, compassion, and support not only from the local coordinators but also from the community and host family as well,” says Sarah. According to her, “This was truly a once in a lifetime experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world.”

Local Support through CrossContinental.org

The prospect of teaching in a foreign Monastery may seem daunting to some potential volunteers, but such worries are quickly curtailed with the help of Cross-Continental’s international internship and volunteer abroad support system. Speaking of her local support in Nepal, Sarah comments, “Everybody was so kind and supportive; above and beyond expectations.” She continues, “While abroad, I greatly enjoyed and appreciated the local coordinators who offered their support around the clock. The work placement was fantastic and the home-stay proved to be interesting as well.”

To Sarah, the decision to do a monastery project abroad with CrossContinental was closely related to their affordable fees and flexibility. Sarah comments. “I would recommend Cross-Continental to other interested parties. The cost of their programs is incredibly affordable and can work around your schedule.” According to Sarah, “The incredible flexibility around your schedule instead of a pre-set time or contract is super helpful for those who may be new to working or volunteering abroad.”

A Unique Cultural Experience

Reminiscing on her stay in Kathmandu, Sarah says, “Overall, I was incredibly happy with my experience and I think the most rewarding aspect of my trip was what my students ended up teaching me, for I am sure it was far more than I could have ever taught them.” She also believes, “The local support was better than I could have ever expected and the unique cultural experiences were like none I have ever had before.”

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