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Experienced Teacher Shares Her Volunteer Abroad Experience at Orphanage Project in Tanzania

A Special Needs Primary School Teacher from Australia Recently Returned Home After a Two Week Long Care-giving Project in Tanzania through CrossContinental.org.

An international volunteer, Nikolett Nagy, is pleased to share the experience of her recently concluded volunteer project in Arusha, Tanzania. Nikolett is a Hungarian born Australian and a primary school teacher. She has experience working with special needs children and she’s passionate about working with children in Africa. She participated in a two week long Children’s Home Orphanage Project through CrossContinental.org, an international volunteer organization that arranges international internships and volunteer abroad programs.

In the attached video (https://youtu.be/QZ0uWWaplv8), Nikolett talks about her experience at the orphanage project abroad.

– Cultural Learning Opportunities Overseas

Working in African orphanages can be challenging for international volunteers because of the rough conditions, but that is also what makes it an exceptional cultural learning opportunity for those who want to see the world through another culture’s eyes. It was a unique experience for Nikolett to discover the decrepit state of the orphanage, and she tried her best to help the young kids. “This orphanage is in very, very bad shape. They didn’t even have cutlery to eat with, and I bought some spoons and other stuff for them. They still need lots of help. Sometimes they only eat once a day. Poor conditions, but lovely people around the kids.” she said.

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– Increased Appreciation for Life

Having witnessed the suffering of the young kids first hand, Nikolett’s appreciation for what she has in her life has increased exponentially. She cherishes the friendships she developed meeting many wonderful people during her volunteer abroad program. Nikolett comments, “I’ve been extremely happy with this volunteer project. I’m so glad I could be a part of these kids’ life and [that] I could help a bit.” She continues, “I definitely appreciate so much more whatever I have in my life. I’m so glad I had a chance to meet all of those beautiful people over there, including my coordinator, my host family, the kids and everyone at the orphanage.” However, the most rewarding feeling for Nikolett was to see the children happy and smiling.

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– The Orphanage Experience in Africa

The orphanage is attended by around 200 children ranging in age from four to fourteen. As a volunteer, Nikolett not only assisted with teaching at the nursery school, but was also involved in cooking, cleaning, playing with the kids, and home-visits. “I helped out with everything they needed” Nikolett says.

As a result of the country’s family-oriented culture, most of the orphans only come to the orphanage during the day and stay with their extended families or neighbours at night. According to Nikolett, the home visits were an experience she’ll never forget. “I have to admit, that the home visits were pretty rough. Emotionally not too easy to handle, but it was an experience I’m never ever gonna forget.”

– Accommodation and Local Support through CrossContinental.org

As an international volunteer, Nikolett was placed at a local home-stay located within walking distance from the Arusha town center. It was a modern house with three bedrooms where she was offered a personal bedroom. Nikolett worked for six to eight hours a day, five days a week. Evenings and weekends were usually free so that volunteers could have the time to explore and travel around.

Nikolett praised the local team and her host family for their extraordinary support. Thanking them for their help, she said, “I was very happy with my local coordinator. He was amazing! Anytime I needed help, he was there for me. I just had to ask him, he did everything he could to help me out. I can’t thank him enough! He is a great man, very friendly, helpful and understanding. His knowledge was great, too. My host family was also brilliant, thank you! I had super delicious food every time, and they were friendly and helpful with everything, too. Thank you!”

– International Work Experience Combined with Cultural Learning Experience

Cross-Continental Solutions is an international volunteer organization dedicated to providing authentic cultural immersion experiences to international volunteers and interns at affordable rates. It’s a great value with the benefit of gaining international work experience combined with a first-hand cultural learning experience.
Speaking of CrossContinental, Nikolett exclaims, “I would recommend Cross-Continental to others. CrossContinental is the best company to help you with your volunteer work overseas. They are helpful, flexible with time and place and everything else. They are also knowledgeable and understand the needs of their customers.”

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About CrossContinental.org:
Cross-Continental Solutions provides affordable yet flexible international learning programs, including volunteer abroad, intern abroad, cultural immersion, language study, and gap year programs. A large variety of work placement options are available such as: Teaching, Healthcare, Community Development, Business Coaching, HIV work, Care-giving, Orphanage Work, Journalism, Photography, Wildlife, Agriculture, Environmental Protection, Microfinance, Tourism, Marketing, and more. Programs are available at many locations around the world, including Africa, Asia, and Latin America. By living and working side by side with locals, participants gain an exceptional cross-cultural experience and the opportunity to truly make a difference. For more details, visit CrossContinental.org.

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