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University Students Gain Practical Skills and School Credit Interning at CrossContinental.org

Digital Communications Students Turn Classroom Knowledge into Practical Application and Acquire Internship Credit towards Graduation at Cross-Continental Solutions.

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Two Digital Communications students from Simon Fraser University recently fulfilled their practicum requirements through CrossContinental.org. The digital communications program trains students in the fields of public relations and online marketing. A key component of the program is a 3-week full time practicum where students apply their classroom training towards real-world problems. The practicum gives students much needed on-the-job experience, while allowing them to develop connections within their industry, giving them a competitive edge in the job market. The mentors at CrossContinental provided supervision, training and feedback throughout the practicum.

When Peter Rodríguez-Pontón and Daphne Peng completed their classroom curriculum in digital communications, they applied to several organizations in search of internship opportunities. In the end, they both decided to intern at Cross-Continental Solutions due in large part to the interesting international projects they offer. The team at CrossContinental.org promotes cross-cultural understanding through international learning programs including international internships and volunteer abroad projects. These programs aid impoverished communities while at the same time offering an eye-opening cultural learning experience.

During the 3 week practicum, Peter and Daphne helped out with digital communication tasks such as online marketing and digital content development, and also represented CrossContinental at the Langara college volunteer fair.

Peter reports, “As part of my Digital Communications Certificate at Simon Fraser University, I had the opportunity to do my practicum at CrossContinental.” Peter goes on to explain that he considered the internship an enriching experience where he could see firsthand the behind-the-scenes work that Cross Continental does in order to help their clients and provide assistance to international communities. Daphne adds, “It’s a very interesting organization, doing very meaningful things.”

At the end of the practicum, the mentors at CrossContinental.org provided SFU with a detailed evaluation of the practicum student’s strengths and areas of improvement in order to validate the internship credit. In the end, Daphne said, “I am very grateful to my mentors Jenn and Chris for their kind assistance and clear guidance during my practicum.”

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About CrossContinental.org:

Cross-Continental Solutions provides affordable yet flexible international learning programs, including volunteer abroad, intern abroad, cultural immersion, language study, and gap year programs. A large variety of work placement options are available such as: Teaching, Healthcare, Community Development, Business Coaching, HIV work, Care-giving, Orphanage Work, Journalism, Photography, Wildlife, Agriculture, Environmental Protection, Microfinance, Tourism, Marketing, and more. Programs are available at many locations around the world, including Africa, Asia, and Latin America. By living and working side by side with locals, participants gain an exceptional cross-cultural experience and the opportunity to truly make a difference. For more details, visit CrossContinental.org.