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Teens Find Inspiration in Intern and Volunteer Abroad Programs

Cross-Continental Solutions Offers Affordable Intern and Volunteer Abroad Opportunities Teaching Participants Cultural Understanding and Honing their Professional Skills. Current Participants Doing Healthcare and Orphanage Work Reported Personal Success Stories from Africa.

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) October 30, 2012 — There are very few affordable volunteer abroad and intern abroad programs available, especially for teens and young adults. Yet the need remains to provide young people with positive outlets where their skills and enthusiasm can be channeled into life-altering experiences. Fortunately, Cross-Continental Solutions offers quality and affordable international learning programs where anyone can serve abroad, regardless of age, and become the change they want to see in the world. Many people find themselves grow from this experience both personally and professionally.

While most teenagers are busy with video games, texting friends, and catching up on the latest celebrity gossip, some are looking for more fulfilling pastimes. Mika Tomita, an 18 year old healthcare intern from Japan, found herself miles away from “normal” teenaged living when she experienced life in rural Africa.

“Initially I had some difficulties processing the culture shock and entirely different way of life here in rural Kenya”, Mika shared. “However, with the aid of my loving host family and other new friends here, I have come to love living in Kenya. I am also beginning to appreciate certain luxuries at home that I often take for granted.”

Sofia Simonet, a young intern from France, specifically asked for an orphanage work project in rural Africa. Sofia reports that she has become more adaptable and gained a greater appreciation for life through this rural experience. “It’s an incredible experience”, stated Sofia. “Living with the locals in Africa made me realize how lucky I am to live in France, where tap water and electricity are a must, where I can go to high school without fearing of being expelled for late payment, where my parents support me financially and mentally in my studies.”

After the initial adjustment period, many teens have embraced the differences and gained a new perspective on life. While this personal growth is a key learning component, it is not the only benefit. Participants also gain professional skills, which helps them with their current studies and future careers.

“Despite my young age and lack of essentially any medical knowledge, the staff at the local hospital has been generous enough to take a lot of time to explain every little step to me and allowed me to gain hands-on experience”, said the healthcare intern Mika. “I was surprised that they even allowed me to assist with child birth and injections, but I’m glad that I’m being given the chance to get some early experience in a field of work that I soon hope to be a part of after my studies.”

Moreover, Sofia Simonet is taking this 6 month intern abroad program as part of her degree at the Institute for Political Studies (IEP) in France. This experience does not just offer her internship credits for college, but also completely changed her perspective on life. “I think what amazes me the most is that people here have so little but they give so much”, stated Sofia. “They own almost nothing but they know how to treasure what they have.”

The volunteer abroad, intern abroad, cultural education, and language immersion programs offered by Cross-Continental Solutions stand out in the industry for their affordability and uniqueness. In order to meet the diverse needs of different individuals, the programs are customized with flexible work schedules and start dates. It is really making this unique cultural experience accessible to all and has generated lots of appreciation.

The 6-month healthcare intern Mika puts this appreciation into her own words. “With the help of Cross-Continental, I have been able to travel to a completely foreign country and immerse myself in a fascinating new culture, while simultaneously fulfilling my desire to develop my understanding of medicine”, said Mika. “Although I still have many more months to learn more about Kenya and its people, so far I am already extremely happy with my experience. By the end of my six months here, I fear I may never want to leave.”
Cross-Continental Solutions has served participants from all over the world ranging from 17 to 76 years old. More details of the unique international learning programs are available at www.CrossContinental.org.

About Cross-Continental Solutions:
Cross-Continental Solutions is a federally registered organization dedicated to providing affordable international volunteer and internship programs, ensuring an exceptional cross-cultural experience for those who wish to make a difference. Many volunteer work options are available in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Explore the options or plan your own life-changing trip at CrossContinental.org. For pictures and videos of past volunteers and interns, visit their facebook page at facebook.com/crosscontinental and YouTube channel at youtube.com/ccsorg.

Published on Oct. 30th 2012 at: http://www.prweb.com/releases/Cross-Continental/Volunteer-Abroad/prweb10072468.htm