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Out-of-the-Ordinary Gift Idea: Making an Impact Overseas through Cross-Continental Solutions

The Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity to Intern or Volunteer Abroad Makes an Unforgettable Gift, according to those Traveling with Cross-Continental Solutions.

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) December 20, 2012

With the holidays quickly approaching, the challenge to find the “perfect gift” can be a daunting one. One unique solution gaining popularity is giving a loved one the chance to intern or volunteer abroad. This unique opportunity to travel, gain experience, and touch lives all at the same time is sure to be the only one of its kind under the Christmas tree this year. It’s perfect for birthday and other occasions too!

Many volunteers and interns tend to be students as they need to earn volunteer hours and gain work experience. However, many people from other life-stages can also find it appealing to make a difference, gain experience, and explore a new culture. Many working professionals take volunteer travel as a great opportunity for a career break and gain new perspectives in both personal and professional life. Also, numerous families see volunteer vacations as the ultimate family bonding experience.

International programs tend to be expensive and have very limited flexibility, making this gift idea less appealing to many. Fortunately, Cross-Continental Solutions offers affordable opportunities with flexible start dates. The programs cater to those from all walks of life, from teens to those enjoying retirement. Extremely affordable program fees start from only US$180 (meals and accommodation included), making this “perfect gift” that much more attainable.

Those interested in experiencing life in a new environment while acquiring new skills and cultivating pre-existing ones will thrive with an overseas volunteer vacation. Individual trips, as well as family friendly opportunities, are easily designed and set in motion through Cross-Continental Solutions. According to recent participants themselves, the programs provided by Cross-Continental are life-changing and very affordable.

“I’ve always said I’d like to travel with a purpose, and Cross-Continental helped me to achieve exactly that,” reports Jade Arignon, a native of France who volunteered in an orphanage in Nepal. Jade continues, “The people of Nepal have so little, yet live such a full life. They included me in their family community right away, and I went from having no little siblings to having 17! I spent a lot of time bonding with my new little brothers and sisters.”

Andrea Lopez, a college student from the U.S., planned her internship trip to Nepal around her psychology background. She did both healthcare work and orphanage work. She says, “Working with the children at the orphanage was one of the most rewarding experiences. They are all so wonderful and I hope to return to Nepal many times to see them again. The friendships I have made this past month are truly a blessing. Overall, the experience here with the children was inspiring and motivated me to think of more ways to help.”

Canadian volunteer Eustace Hicks traveled to Ghana to work in a local hospital, and at 76 years young, found his experience to be so rewarding he is anticipating his next trip. He reports, “My supervisor was very supportive, and accompanied me everywhere throughout my stay in Ghana. I learned a lot about how the Ghana health care system works, and the staff in the hospital were friendly and helpful in orientating me in the family planning unit, medical unit, and in the emergency unit.”

He continues to sing the praises of his experience, as well as the organization that got him there. “I was happy with the volunteer experience with Cross-Continental, and I have already started recommending the organization to my colleagues. Cross-Continental is one of the best volunteer organizations in regards to cost, security of the volunteer, and the provision of a variety of placement options. I will definitely go with this organization again!”

Cross-Continental Solutions has connected to a niche market of international Eco-tourism that appeals to generations of selfless explorers. Even last-minute shoppers can pick up this “perfect gift”, be it for the humanitarian on one’s list, or anyone who wants to experience life to its fullest.

Cross-Continental Solutions offers gift certificates, and will personalize trips for individual interests and needs. While the idea of providing international aid often conjures up images of disaster relief and caring for orphans, there are a number of different service areas available for those seeking intern abroad or volunteer abroad opportunities. Covering a wide range of needs, opportunities are available in areas such as: Teaching, Healthcare, Community Work, Business Coaching, HIV work, Care-giving, Orphanage Work, Journalism, Photography, Wildlife, Agriculture, Environmental, Micro-financing, Tourism work, Marketing, and more. There are also cultural education and language immersion programs. For further details, visit http://www.CrossContinental.org.

About Cross-Continental Solutions:

Cross-Continental Solutions is dedicated to providing affordable volunteer abroad and intern abroad programs, ensuring an exceptional cross-cultural experience for those who wish to make a difference. It is unique since participants live and work side by side with the local people. Explore the options or plan a life-changing trip at CrossContinental.org.

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