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Personal Benefits as a Teenage Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering abroad has many benefits for every person eager to take up the opportunity. It provides an opportunity to make a difference, an in-depth cultural experience, and a break from the traditional holiday spots as a hotel tourist. As a teenage volunteer abroad, you are exposed at a very young age to new experiences and friends that you will remember for life and gives you the chance to improve the lives of others, which is a very important stage of personal development. It can also help you to learn independence, increase your attractiveness as a leader, and build up your resume for college or job applications. More detailed explanations for the benefits are provided below.

First of all, as a teenager, cross-cultural understanding can be a critical asset for personality development. Getting to know new cultures at a young age can help you develop the mental flexibility and the capacity to understand and appreciate how other human beings live, think, act and feel. It is important for you to understand that their way of life although different is equally valid as yours because they live in a different environment. This is a very valuable life lesson that will help you in becoming a liberal and understanding human being later in life.

Also, volunteering abroad will teach you independence. When you are out there in underprivileged communities you will learn not only how to help others but also how to help yourself. You will learn how to take initiative in developing ways and strategies of helping others, learning a new language or simply getting along with other people. You will also learn how to deal with experiences like culture shock and homesickness. This independence will develop your personality into one capable of leading a successful life.

When you volunteer abroad and work with culturally diverse communities you also get the opportunity to develop your leadership skills. Remember that you will be out there helping and guiding people. You will be using limited resources to help others improve their lives. When you develop plans and help people organize their activities, you tend to develop leadership qualities. You will learn to communicate with people, address their concerns and motivate them to improve their lives. These skills will be much sought after by universities and employers when you go back to your home country.

You will probably make a lot of friends by volunteering abroad, possibly much more than you would have made if you have stayed in your home country or taken a vacation to the beach. By volunteering abroad, you will get to know local people and other volunteers with whom you share a benevolent mission. Because you will be working in challenging circumstances with the help and support of one another you will form bonds with the local people and with your fellow volunteers based on trust and cooperation. You will remember these people for life because you will have shared rich experiences with them and will have made a positive contribution to their lives.

Volunteering abroad experience will improve your resume and help you with your future college or job application since many schools and employers value such experience. You may also learn new languages as you interact with the local people. You will also get to try out different cuisines, ways of dressing, and different natural environment. Because you will be living in simple communities away from many modern amenities you will also get the opportunity to get some physical exercise and return home as a better person in every respect.

Source: www.CrossContinental.org