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Volunteer travel is the most insightful while the most affordable way to see the world. We know that you probably wouldn’t want to miss these famous tourism sites if you have traveled thousands of miles to be there. We can help you book tours and give you travel advice.

Since we deal directly with local tour operators instead of going through travel agency, we can usually arrange tours for you at a much lower price. If you are booking tours on your own, we strongly recommend that you compare prices from different sources before making your purchase. The tours we book are very affordable. The tours in China start from only $49. Wildlife safari tours in Africa start from only $99. (Price may vary depending on the season or availability.) These affordable tours will ensure you to stay on budget while not missing any worthwhile tourism attraction.

You can either join a tour during a weekend or do it before or after your volunteer program. It is recommended to book your tour early since space is limited, especially during peak seasons.

Check out our most popular tours in Kenya, China, and Mexico.

* Kenya
* China
* Mexico

For these who are interested in walking/hiking tours, we recommend TravelQuest’s Walking and Hiking trips. They offer a great selection of walking trips to locations all over the world, it includes guided and self lead hiking breaks, winter walking holidays, backpacking trips, map reading and mountain navigation courses. If you are interested, please go to http://www.travel-quest.co.uk/tqactive-walk.htm.